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  • 2021.5(4):512-512The editorial office of Journal of Global Change Data & Discovery

    Professor LI Guoqing was granted the GEO Individual Excellence Award

    PDF(292) RICH HTML(126)

  • 2021.5(4):511-511The editorial office of Journal of Global Change Data & Discovery

    Professor GUO Huadong was given the Science Sustainability Award issued by the International Science Council

    PDF(147) RICH HTML(122)

  • 2021.5(4):501-510Su, D. L.

    A Study of the Damaged Frescoes and Restoration in Zhulin Temple in Lingbao

    PDF(347) RICH HTML(266) DATASET(2235)

  • 2021.5(4):490-500Lyu, J. Q.

    The Contents and Composition of Dataset for Luoyang Inscriptions During the Republic of China

    PDF(605) RICH HTML(264) DATASET(2406)

  • 2021.5(4):478-489Li, Z. Z.

    An Analysis of Family Property Division Dataset Archived in Luoyang Museum of Indenture Documents (1408-1949)

    PDF(305) RICH HTML(250) DATASET(2319)

  • 2021.5(4):470-478Ge, S.

    Content and Composition of Embroidery Dataset Archived in Luoyang Folk Museum

    PDF(320) RICH HTML(274) DATASET(2453)

  • 2021.5(4):460-469He, T. T.

    Content and Composition of Woodcarvings of Immortals Dataset in Luoyang Folk Museum

    PDF(366) RICH HTML(274) DATASET(2036)

  • 2021.5(4):453-459Xu, N. H.

    The Content and the Composition of Dataset of Wei Chun and Wei Tingzhang’s Imperial Examination Papers Archived by Luoyang Indenture Documents Museum

    PDF(335) RICH HTML(264) DATASET(2517)

  • 2021.5(4):444-452Zhao, J.

    Musical Relics Dataset of the Heluo Collection (Xia to Qing Dynasty)

    PDF(340) RICH HTML(286) DATASET(2470)

  • 2021.5(4):431-443Dai, J. H., Yang, J., Zhou,Y., et al.

    GIES Case Dataset on Panshi Large Corylus Low Mountain and Hills in Futai Town, Jinlin Province of China

    PDF(196) RICH HTML(172) DATASET(1375)

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