Aims and Scope

Adopted on June 1, 2014, amended on March 25, 2017

Global Change Research Data Publishing & Repository (GCdataPR) is an original research data, data paper, and research paper publishing platform and it is consisted of the Global Change Data Repository (GCdataR) and the Journal of Global Change Data & Discovery (GCdataD). It serves the research community worldwide as a scientific data repository and data paper journal for efficient dissemination and reuse of original data products (data, data paper, and research paper) in global change related research, including geography, resources, ecology, environment, sustainable development, etc. The GCdataPR aims to promote publishing high-quality and timely research data and knowledge on global change studies, to enhance the data and knowledge property protectable and openly accessible, security and reliable, computer identifiable and interoperable, and data reusable. Therefore, the data product published through GCdataR should be original by popular data format or special format with openly available computer software, and the article published through GCdataD must describe the metadata, data development method and data verification results.