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GCdataPR: An Outstanding Case in Big Data in China

Author:Shi, R. X.1 Zhu, Y. Q.1 Jiang, D.1 Zhou, X.2         Organization:1. IGSNRR/CAS; 2 RADI/CAS         Time:25 June 2017

GCdataPRAn Outstanding Case in “Excellent Products, Services and Applications of Big Data in China”

GCdataPR, Global Change Research Data Publishing & Repository, was awarded to be one of the Top 50 of the Excellent Products, Services and Applications of Big Data in China and the Data Standardization and Governance Award. The ceremonies were held in the China International Big Data Expo 2017 on 25-26 May 2017 in Guiyang City.

In order to encourage big data applications, as well as science and technology in China, the State Office of the Ministry of Industry of P.R. China called the best practices in big data applications in May 2016. After three rounds of evaluation, 50 cases were selected among the 451 cases in industry, agriculture, forest, water management, fish and ocean, security, financial services, transformation, tourist, city governance, public health, ecosystem and environment, government, academy, education, culture, as well the public services. GCdataPR was the only one in science, education and culture among the 50 cases.

The Data Standardization and Governance Awards recipients were also announced at the Big Data Expo 2017. 31 organizations accepted the awards certificates at the ceremony. The Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IGSNRR/CAS) was one of them, it was honored the “Data Governance and Practical Contribution Award”. Dr. Shi, R.X., Associate Chief Editor of GCdataPR, attended the ceremony on behalf of IGSNRR/CAS in Big Data Expo 2017.

Figure 1  Dr. Shi, R.X. (in middle), Associate Chief Editor of GCdataPR took the  certificate  of Data Governance and Practical Contribution Award on behalf of  IGSNRR/CAS in Big Data Expo 2017.


The China International Big Data Expo 2017 was held from 25-28 May. Besides summits, exhibition and contest, 77 forums were held. The Forum on Internet + Big Data Governance for Poverty Alleviation and Environment is one of them, which was jointly sponsored by Chinese Association for Science and Technology, CODATA Task Group in Developing Countries, WFEO (World Federation of Engineering Organization), IGSNRR/CAS and Agriculture Department of Guizhou Province of China. The Government of Congjiang County hosted the forum.

Around a hundred of experts from Chinese Academy of Sciences, Universities, representatives of CODATA Task Group in Developing Countries, WFEO, local government officers and CEOs of several companies jointed the forum. Professor Liu, C. and Zhu, Y. Q. co-chaired the forum. A common understanding was made at the forum that the issues on big data governance for poverty alleviation and environment will be contin