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Dataset of Spatial Expansion of Hengyang (2001-2017)

HU Zui1,2WANG Hui1ZHAO Sha1
1 College of City & Tourism,Hengyang Normal University,Hengyang 421002,China2 Department of Z_GIS,University of Salzburg,Salzburg 5020,Austria


Published:Jul. 2020

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urban expansion,Cellular Automata,simulation,Hengyang City,Journal of Geo-information Science


Hengyang city is located in the southeastern of Hunan Province of China, and it is one of the sub-centralized cities of the province. The authors constructed the Multi-factors Constrained Expanding Simulation CA (MCES-CA) using ArcGIS software, and stimulated the expansion of the main urban area in Hengyang from 2002 to 2017 by MCES-CA based on the spatial distribution of the main urban area in Hengyang in 2001, LANDSET ETM images from 2001 to 2017, SRTM 30m DEM and the urban planning data of Hengyang. It was verified that the stimulation precision of MCES-CA reaches 89.24% generally. The dataset of spatial expansion of Hengyang city includes: (1) the spatial data of the urban area in Hengyang city in 2001; (2) the stimulated expansion of the main urban area in Hengyang city from 2002 to 2017; (3) MCES-CA tool. This dataset is archived in .gdb and .tax data formats and consists of 470 data files with data size of 2 MB (compressed to one file with 177 KB). The analysis paper based on this dataset has been published in Journal of Geo-Information Science, Vol.22, No.3, 2020.

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National Science Foundation of China, No.41471188,No.41701163; Opening Foundation of Discipline Platform, HIST20K01

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HU Zui, WANG Hui, ZHAO Sha. Dataset of Spatial Expansion of Hengyang (2001-2017)[J/DB/OL]. Digital Journal of Global Change Data Repository, 2020.

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