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China’s Research on COVID-19 Video Report (No.2): Vaccine Development

GONG Ke1LIANG Xiaofeng2FENG Luzhao2MA Chao2LIU Chuang*1YI Heya2SHEN Yan1
1Consultative Committee for United Nations on Information Technology of Chinese Association for Science and Technology (CAST-CCIT),Beijing 1008632Consultative Committee for United Nations on Life Science and Human Health of Chinese Association for Science and Technology (CAST-CCLH),Beijing 100863


Published:Jun. 2020

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COVID-19,China’s Research,CAST-CCIT,CAST-CCLH,video report,vaccine development


Vaccine is the most critical weapon to defeat the COVID-19. Since the outbreak, China has been simultaneously developing vaccines via five different technical pathways, including inactivated, nucleic-acid, recombinant protein-based, adenovirus vectored and influenza virus vectored vaccines. As of June 2, China has 5 projects in candidate vaccines, including one Adenovirus Type 5 Vector vaccine, three inactivated vaccines and one inactivated alum. Professor GAO Qiang’s team work published in Science and ZHU Fengcai group’s paper published in Lancet were high lights of research on vaccine development in China during this time period. There are two language versions of the video, Chinese and English versions, as well as the version for cell phone in lower resolution and higher resolution for a large screen. The video files are archived in .mp4 data format with the data size of 1.25 GB.

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Chinese Association for Science and Technology (2020)

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GONG Ke, LIANG Xiaofeng, FENG Luzhao, MA Chao, LIU Chuang*, YI Heya, SHEN Yan. China’s Research on COVID-19 Video Report (No.2): Vaccine Development[J/DB/OL]. Digital Journal of Global Change Data Repository, 2020.

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