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Five Loess Sections Dataset for Investigating the Age of Dali Man

HU Xiaomeng1CAI Shun1CHEN Meijun1
1Geography Department,Shanghai Normal University,Shanghai 200234,China


Published:Apr. 2017

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Dali Man,magnetic susceptibility,grain size,loess-paleosol sequence dating method,Acta Geographica Sinica


In order to investigate the age of Dali Man based on the evolution history of regional geomorphic - sedimentary environment, the authors developed five detailed loess sections in situ survey on Heyang-Weizhuang lacustrine platform in northeastern Weihe Basin, and on lacustrine-alluvial terraces near the Dali Man site from August to October in 2015. 1215 loess and lacustrine-alluvial samples were taken from five loess sections of Fulifang section, Xiaxinzhuang section, Baiqishi section, Xiachunfeng section and Jiefangcun section. The samples data were collected using Bartington MS2 for magnetic susceptibility value and using screen mesh and laser particle size analyzer for grain size value in laboratory. The five loess sections dataset for investigating the age of Dali Man includes the following data files: (1) the locations of five sections, (2) magnetic susceptibility of five sections, (3) photos on the section of Dali Man Site, and (4) the grain size value of Jiafangcun section. The five loess sections dataset for investigating the age of Dali Man supports the scientific result of “The sandy-gravel sediment with the fossil was deposited after the paleolake regression at the late stage of the deposition of L6. It is probably synchronous with the formation of S5, with an average age of 0.55 Ma BP”. The dataset is archived in .shp, .kmz, jpg and .xlsx data formats with compressed data size of 35.6MB. The analysis paper based on this dataset was published in the journal of Acta Geographica Sinica, No. 5, Vol 71, 2015.

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National Natural Science Foundation of China (41371021)

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HU Xiaomeng,CAI Shun,CHEN Meijun.Five Loess Sections Dataset for Investigating the Age of Dali Man[DB/OL].Global Change Data Repository,2017.DOI:10.3974/geodb.2017.02.13.V1.

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