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Global Land Slope Frequency Dataset

TANG Ling1MA Jingwei1SHAO Zhiyi1PENG Qiuzhi1,2
1 Faculty of Land Resource Engineering of Kunming University of Science and Technology,Kunming 650093,China2 Surveying and Mapping Geo-informatics Technology Research Center on Plateau Mountains of Yunnan Higher Education,Kunming 650093,China


Published:Feb. 2020

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Globe,land,slope frequency,ASTER GDEM,1°×1° grid


Land slope frequency is one of the important indexes to describe topography. Global land slope frequency dataset was developed based on ASTER GDEM v3.0 digital elevation model and classified with a step length of 1° slope. Using “Slope” and “Int” routines to get the float and integer slope data first and then 1°x1° grid land slope frequency distribution data were calculated. Based on this, the land slope frequency distribution for each continent and the globe was summarized. The dataset includes: (1) Grid number and frequency of land slope in 1°x1° grid with a step length of 1° slope in 22,205 records in .xlsx format, which covers the land from 83°N to 83°S; (2) land slope frequency spatial distribution data in the 1°x1° grid in .shp format; (3) statistics of grid number and frequency of land slope for each continents and the globe scale in .xlsx format;(4) grid number and frequency of global land slope based on SRTM data (Supplement in September, 2020). The dataset is consisted of 632 data files, with data size of 263 MB (compressed to 84.6 MB in one file).

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National Natural Science Foundation of China (41961039)

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TANG Ling, MA Jingwei, SHAO Zhiyi, PENG Qiuzhi. Global Land Slope Frequency Dataset[J/DB/OL]. Digital Journal of Global Change Data Repository, 2020.

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