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Innovative Project of Digital Publishing Honors to the GCdataPR

Author:Department of S&T Information Infrastructure, Inst         Organization:         Time:2018-08-02

The 8th Digital Publishing Expo of China was held at Beijing International Conference Center on July 23-26, 2018, with the theme of “integrating publishing, new knowledge, and enjoy reading”. The Global Change Research Data Publishing & Repository (GCdataPR) was awarded the Innovative Project. The 8th Digital Publishing Expo of China is an annual digital publishing event sponsored by Chinese Academy of Press and Publication under the guidance of the State Press and publication Administration. More than 1,000 experts and leaders from domestic publishing houses, media groups, innovative technology company on digital publishing, and key laboratories of State Press and Publication attended the conference. Zhuang, R. W., Director of the State Press and Publication Administration, delivered a keynote speech. Wei, Y. S., Director of the China Academy of Press and Publication, released the Annual Report on Chinese Digital Publishing Industry (2017–2018). The Global Change Research Data Publishing & Repository (GCdataPR) won the honor of the Innovative Project at this Digital Publishing Expo of China. The GCdataPR is jointly sponsored by the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IGSNRR/CAS), and Geographical Society of China (GSC).

Prof. Liu, C., Deputy Director of the Academic Journal Center in IGSNRR/CAS and the Editor-in-Chief of the Global Change Research Data Publishing & Repository (GCdataPR) and Associate Chief Editor of Journal of Global Change Data & Discovery, and Dr. Ma, J. H., the editor of Journal of Global Change Data & Discovery, attended the Expo and received the certificate and the medal. Only one project got such honor among 5,020 academic journals in China.

Prof. Liu, C. was invited to deliver a speech on Scientific Data Publishing and Services. She indicated that the new Scientific Data Management Law of China, issued by the State Council of China, 2018, requests quality research data publishing (the Article 22). Prof. Liu, C. taking the GCdataPR as an example to demonstrate why data publishing was so important and how to constructed the data publishing infrastructure and how to provide high quality services for implementation the new Scientific Data Management Law of China. She indicated that it was the critical issue to build the incentive mechanism and accountability of the data publishing and sharing services. It was one of the keys to make the GCdataPR success during the last 5 years. These included the standardized data publishing procedure, peer review academic ethics, data intellectual protection, data online openly available, data long term archiving services and data impact statistics.

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Figure 1  The Innovative Project certificate and medal to the Global Change Research Data Publishing & Repository (GCdataPR) at the 8th Digital Publishing Expo of China, 2018, Beijing


The GCdataPR was established in June 2014. It is one of the first excellent cases in the world to bring scientific data into the publishing field. The core innovation of this publishing system is to mainstream scientific data into academic publishing field by linking metadata, data product and data paper together, data publishing and data repository together by both Chinese and English, by both off line and online in the broad disciplinary of global change studies, including geography, natural resources, climate change, ecosystems, regional development, environment, land and ocean, atmospheric and solid earth, natural and human activities.

More specifically, the GCdataPR has attracted more than 400 datasets published by more than 700 scholars from 11 countries in 4 years. Nearly 40,000 computer IP users from more than 70 countries in the world have downloaded and used the data of the system, and more than one million users have browsed the data of the system. The GCdataPR hosts the DOI: 10.3974 since 2013; it was approved to be the WDS regular member by the World Data System of International  Science Council (WDS/ISC) in 2016. It was appointed to be one of the data providers and brokers of the Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) and National Earth Observation Data Publishing Center of China by the National Remote Sensing Center of Ministry of Science and Technology of China in 2016, Data Citation Index (DCI) by the Clarivate Analytics in 2016. And more, 36 academic journals, such as Acta Geographica Sinica, have joint the partner program of GCdataPR. Besides of honor of Innovation Project at the Digital Publishing Expo, the GCdataPR was awarded the 2018 World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Prize (e-Science Champion) in March 2018 in Geneva, and the honor of Leading Scientific and Technological Achievement at China International Big Data Expo in May 2018, Guiyang, China. These honors indicate that the aim of the GCdataPR for enhancing data sharing for benefit sciences and society should be values added example in the big data era. More information and data available for downloading from GCdataPR can be accessed via:



Figure 2  Prof. Liu, C. and Dr. Ma, J. H. received the certificate and the medal on behalf of GCdataPR at the 8th Digital Publishing Expo of China


Figure 3  Prof. Liu Chuang delivered  her speech on Scientific Data Publishing and Services at the 8th Digital Publishing Expo of China, 23 July 2018, Beijing