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Dataset of Identifying Aircraft Groups by Remote Sensing Images

CHEN Junyu1,2LI Haiwei*1ZHANGGeng1WANG Shuang1CHEN Tieqiao1
1Xi’an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Xi’an 710119,China2University of Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing 100049,China


Published:Jun. 2020

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Classification of remote sensing images,dataset of aircraft classification,Google Earth,Attention Mechanism


The aircraft is a typical object in remote sensing images. The authors selected several airports around the world and 3594 airplane images based on the public datasets - DIOR, UCAS_AOD, NWPU VHR-10, DOTA and Google earth images. Then seven aircraft groups in terms of wings and propellers based on the attention mechanism were identified. Following, the fourteen sub-groups in terms of color of aircraft and engine position were recognized. Dataset of Identifying Aircraft Groups by Remote Sensing Images include: (1) Swept-back wing aircraft; (2) Swept-back aircraft with leading edge; (3) Forward-swept wing airplane with trailing edge; (4) Delta-wing aircraft; (5) Flat-wing aircraft; (6) Propeller aircraft; (7) Helicopter. The dataset is archived in .png data format, and consists of 3594 data files with data size of 69.3MB (compressed to one single file with 69.3MB).

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Chinese Academy of Sciences (XAB2017B19)

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CHEN Junyu,LI Haiwei*,ZHANGGeng,WANG Shuang,CHEN Tieqiao.Dataset of Identifying Aircraft Groups by Remote Sensing Images[DB/J].Global Change Data Repository,2020.DOI:10.3974/geodb.2020.03.25.V1.

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