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Chang’E-1 IIM Data after Topographic Registration and Correction Based on LRO LOLA DEM Data

MA Mingliang1WANG Chao1SHI Runhe1GAO Wei1
1 Key Laboratory of Geographical Information Science,Ministry of Education,East China Normal University,Shanghai 200241


Published:Jun. 2016

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Chang’ E-1,IIM,LOLA,registration,C Correction,topographic correction,Journal of Geo-information Science


The ported longitudes and latitudes of the IIM data generally did not match with the conventional data from the LOLA DEM. Consequently, the accuracy of the topographic correction might be affected and decreased. There was approximately 3.5 pixels’offset in the direction of longitude and about 1.95pixels’offset in the direction of latitude between IIM data and LOLA DEM data. The conventional topographical correction used on earth (i.e. C correction method) was introduced for a possible topographical correction on the moon, where there is almost no atmosphere scattering. The results showed that the performance of the matched topographical correction data was much better than those from unmatched data. The dataset is consisted of (1) ground control points data for matching the IIM image and LOLA DEM(2)IIM reflectance image data after registration;(3)The reflectance image of band 20 of IIM: the spatial matched image data;(4)The reflectance image of band 20 of IIM: the spatial unmatched image data; (5)Resize angle data;(6)The sun incidence angle and azimuth angle data;(7)The sun incidence Angle cosine values;(8)The slope and aspect data;(9)IIM resized reflectance data(10)reflectance data from the topographic corrected images. The dataset is archived at the ENVI raster format (.img, .hdr) and .pts format, the compressed data size is 15.3MB. The research paper based on the dataset was published at the Journal of Geo-information Science, No. 1, Vol. 17, 2015.

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National Natural Science Foundation (41201358); Department of Science and Technology of Shanghai government, (13231203804);Ministry of Education of China()

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MA Mingliang, WANG Chao, SHI Runhe, GAO Wei. Chang’E-1 IIM Data after Topographic Registration and Correction Based on LRO LOLA DEM Data[J/DB/OL]. Digital Journal of Global Change Data Repository, 2016.

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