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Grid Dataset of 1-km Vegetation Health Index in Yellow River-Huangshui River Valley (2000-2020)

SUN Nansha1CHEN Qiong1,2LIU Fenggui1,2ZHOU Qiang1,2GUO Yuanyuan1,3
1 School of Geographic Science,Qinghai Normal University,Xining 810008,China2 Academy of Plateau Science and Sustainability,Xining 810008,China3 Center for Agricultural Resources Research,Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Shijiazhuang 050022,China


Published:Aug. 2022

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Yellow River-Huangshui River Valley,Vegetation Health Index,growing season,2000-2020


Yellow River–Huangshui River Valley (YHV) is the most important agricultural area in grain production in Qinghai Province of China. The dataset is developed using Vegetation Health Index (VHI) model, integrated with the daily data of MOD09GA and MOD11A1. VHI is the parameter which can couple the NDVI and LST to reflect the agricultural drought level of the region. The dataset includes the following data from 2000 to 2020: (1) the boundary data of the YHV; (2) the average VHI data in the growing season from March to November; (3) the seasonal average VHI data of March to May, June to October and September to November. The spatial resolution of grid data is 1-km. The dataset is archived in .shp and .tif data formats, and consists of 406 data files with data size of 20.9 MB (Compressed into one single file with 14.3 MB).Browse

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Ministry of Science and Technology of P. R. China (2019YFA0606902)

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SUN Nansha, CHEN Qiong, LIU Fenggui, ZHOU Qiang, GUO Yuanyuan. Grid Dataset of 1-km Vegetation Health Index in Yellow River-Huangshui River Valley (2000-2020)[J/DB/OL]. Digital Journal of Global Change Data Repository, 2022.

SUN Nansha, CHEN Qiong, LIU Fenggui, et al. Vegetation health index 1-km grid dataset in Yellow River–Huangshui River valley (2000–2020) [J]. Journal of Global Change Data & Discovery, 2022, 6(4): 589–596


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