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Video on "Flying Wings" Program in Panshi, Jilin Province of China (I)

WANG Guanyi1CUI Jinyao1MA Yuedi1DING Yirui1YUAN Qihui1
1 Nankai University,Tianjin 300071,China


Published:Jan. 2023

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Innovation China,GIES,Panshi,rural revitalization,Flying Wings,science and technology volunteer service,Nankai University


The “Flying Wings” is an initiated program from the volunteer group of the students from Nankai University on the Geographical Indications Environment and Sustainability (GIES) and Rural Revitalization. The volunteers recorded the vivid practice of creating more employment opportunities for local residents, taking multiple measures to support rural revitalization and promote sustainable social and economic development. The video reflected the people of Panshi's transformation of the resource and product advantages of high-quality varieties into market advantages from three aspects: rural revitalization, high-quality geographical agricultural products, and intelligent new agricultural ecology. These youth volunteers from Nankai University have played an active role in delivering the course of ecology and environmental protection and rural revitalization. They put their enthusiasm for science and technology into works of rural revitalization and helped to disseminate good practices addressing China's environmental strategy for UN SDGs. The video is archived in .mp4 data format, and takes 4:59 minutes.

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WANG Guanyi, CUI Jinyao, MA Yuedi, DING Yirui, YUAN Qihui. Video on "Flying Wings" Program in Panshi, Jilin Province of China (I)[J/DB/OL]. Digital Journal of Global Change Data Repository, 2023.

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