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Haiti Earthquake (2010) Landslides Dataset in Riviere_Frorse Basin

LV Tingting1LIU Chuang2ZHAO Jinling3DAI Lijun4WANG Jinnian1GU Xingfa1
1 Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth CAS2 Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research CAS3 Henan University4 Texas State University US


Published:December 2014

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Haiti,Earthquake 2010,Riviere Frorse,landslide


Haiti, located in the Caribbean islands, had a magnitude 7.0 earthquake on January 12, 2010. Landslides were triggered from the epicenter of the earthquake to Port au Prince, the capital city. The landslides were mostly distributed in four regions: (1) the upper reaches of Riviere Momance; (2) the Riviere Frorse Basin; (3) North Slope of Morne Saint-Laurent; and (4) around the buildings on the hills Among the four regions, the largest amount of landslides occurred in the Riviere Frorse Basin. It was also the primary region to affect the downstream densely populated areas from the potential debris flow. We developed the HaitiEQ_LS_2010 dataset by using the Word View-2 satellite pre-earthquake images, and the GeoEye-1 as well as Google Earth images post-earthquake, There were 165 landslides triggered in this earthquake, covering an area of 94,447 m2. During those landslides, there were 98 new landslides (the area is 54,132 m2), and 35 landslides expanded from the original area (the original area was 163,819 m2 and the expanded area was 40,315 m2). In addition, there were 32 landslides that were not significantly changed because of the earthquake. Twenty-four landslides with an area of 186,962 m2 existed before the earthquake and the vegetation there did not recover There also were 8 landslides with an area of 5,618 m2 where the vegetation recovered well. The landslides were mainly distributed at above a 25 degree hillsides.Browse

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Chinese Academy of Sciences (CXIOG-D04-03)

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LV Tingting, LIU Chuang, ZHAO Jinling, DAI Lijun, WANG Jinnian, GU Xingfa. Haiti Earthquake (2010) Landslides Dataset in Riviere_Frorse Basin[J/DB/OL]. Digital Journal of Global Change Data Repository, 2014.

Lv, T. T., Liu, C., Zhao, J. L., et al. Landslide data in Riviere Frorse Basin triggered by Haiti earthquake on 12 January 2010 [J]. Journal of Global Change Data & Discovery, 2017, 1(2): 188-195. DOI:10.3974/geodp.2017.02.09.

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