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In Situ Surveying Dataset on Shallow Groundwater Quality in Coastal Area of Leizhou Peninsula, China (2012)

LU Jianfei1
1 Guangzhou Marine Geological Survey,Guangzhou 510760,China


Published:Jan. 2017

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Leizhou Peninsula,coastal shallow groundwater,water quality,Tropical Geography


In order to monitoring the groundwater quality changes in the coastal zone of the Leizhou Peninsula, the monitoring samples were selected based on two principles: (1) landward side is closer to the high-tide lines; (2) surrounding terrain is flat and easy to drill. Three groundwater monitoring-wells are selected and constructed in the eastern part of the Leizhou Peninsula. One coding as BS12J1 is located at the Dongnan Village, Dongjian Town, Zhanjiang City (110.5278°E, 20.9314°N); the second one coding as BS12J2 is located at the mouth of Nandu River (110.1684°E, 20.8580°N); and the third one coding as BS12J3 is located at the Macaogang Village, Xinliao Island, Xuwen Country (110.4197°E, 20.6608°N ). The 26h hourly water quality samplings data between July and August in 2012 were conducted in consecutive spring and neap tidal cycles for gauging of K+, Na+, Ca²+, Mg²+, Cl-, SO4²-, CO3²-, HCO3-, TDS and conductivity. Drilling and monitoring processes of the wells both follow the Technical Specifications for Environmental Monitoring of Groundwater (HJ/T 164-2004). Collection, transportation, storage and analysis of groundwater chemical samplings all follow Specification for marine monitoring 3rd part: samplings collection, storage and transportation (GB 17378.3-2007). The dataset contains: (1) Geo-location of samplesites; (2) The data on shallow groundwater quality. The dataset is archived in .shp, .kmz, and .xlsx data format with the compressed data size of 31.8KB. The analysis paper was published in the Journal of Tropical Geography, No. 5, Vo. 36, 2016.

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Ministry of Land and Resources of China(1212010914020); Guangdong Province of China(2012-17)

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LU Jianfei. In Situ Surveying Dataset on Shallow Groundwater Quality in Coastal Area of Leizhou Peninsula, China (2012)[J/DB/OL]. Digital Journal of Global Change Data Repository, 2017.

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