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Global Sea Level Fingerprints Dataset Solved by Sea Level Equation (1979-2020)

LIU Yuxin1,2,3DENG Shanshan*1,2,3ZHANG Wenxi1,2,3HU Ange1,2,3
1 School of Marine Sciences,Guangxi University,Nanning 530004,China2 Coral Reef Research Center of China,Guangxi University,Nanning 530004,China3 Guangxi Laboratory on the Study of Coral Reefs in the South China Sea,Nanning 530004,China


Published:Mar. 2024

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Key Words:

Sea level fingerprints,Sea level equation,Since the 20th century,Global scale


Given the self-attraction and loading (SAL) effect and Earth’s rotational feedback, the land-to-sea water mass transportation leads to a unique spatiotemporal distribution pattern in mass sea level, known as the Sea Level Fingerprints (SLF), which is one of the main reasons for the inconsistency of the regional sea level changes. The authors employed terrestrial water storage anomalies (TWSA) datasets reconstructed by Deng, et al. (2023), Li, et al. (2021), Humphrey and Gudmundsson (2019) and solved the related three long-term SLF reconstructed datasets in the spherical harmonic domain, respectively, named SLF_D, SLF_L, and SLF_H in turn, using the sea level equation follows the principles of mass and potential energy conservation and allows for the SAL effect and the polar motion feedback effect. This dataset includes: changes in Absolute Sea Level (ASL), Vertical Land Motion (VLM), and Relative Sea Level (RSL) driven by SLF for three different long-term TWSA reconstructions. The time ranges are January 1981 to June 2020 (SLF_D), July 1979 to June 2020 (SLF_L), and January 1901 to July 2019 (SLF_H). The grid resolution is 1°, and the temporal resolution is monthly. The unit of data is mm. The dataset is archived in .mat data format, and consists of three files with data size of 2.22 GB.

Foundation Item:

National Natural Science Foundation of China (42201024); Department of Science and Technology of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region (Guike AD23026069)

Data Citation:

LIU Yuxin, DENG Shanshan*, ZHANG Wenxi, HU Ange. Global Sea Level Fingerprints Dataset Solved by Sea Level Equation (1979-2020)[J/DB/OL]. Digital Journal of Global Change Data Repository, 2024.


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