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In Situ Litter Decomposition Dataset in the Temperate Steppe of Inner Mongolia, China (2010-2012)

YANG Lili1GONG Jirui*1WANG Yihui1LIU Min1LUO Qinpu1XU Sha1PAN Yan1ZHAI Zhanwei1
1 Laboratory of Earth Surface processes and Resource Ecology,Beijing Normal University,College of Resources Science and Technology,Faculty of Geographical Science,Beijing Normal University,Beijing 100875,China


Published:Feb. 2017

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temperate steppe,grazing intensity,grazing exclusion,litter,Journal of Plant Ecology


In order to understand how the carbon cycling changes in the temperature steppe of the Inner Mongolia, China, the four sample sites in the around area of the Grass Ecosystem Station of University of Inner Mongolia (116.03°–116.50°E,44.80°–44.82°N,1055m ASL) were selected based on the grazing situation in August 2010. They represented four difference stages of the steppe: light grazing, heavy grazing, light grazing exclusion and heavy grazing exclusion. Litter bags were placed above-ground and root litter bags in each blocks in early August of 2010; they were collected in early May and in later September of 2011 and 2012. The annual litter production by clipping all above-ground biomass was estimated in late August (i.e., the time of peak grass biomass). The ingrowth core method to estimate root production in the upper layers (0–40 cm) of the soil profile and the negative exponential decay function to determine the litter decomposition rate (k) were used. The litter quality and soil total C and N content were determined through chemical analysis. In situ litter decomposition dataset in the temperate steppe of Inner Mongolia, China (2010-2012) includes the following content: (1) General information of the sampling plots, (2) above-ground and below-ground litter production in the four treatment plots, (3) above-ground and below-ground litter decomposition rates (k') in the four treatment,(4) Above-ground and below-ground litter C content, N content, cellulose content and lignin content in four plots, (5) soil total C and N content in four plots. This dataset is archived in .kmz, .shp and .xlsx formats with the data size of 29.5KB. The analysis paper of the dataset was published in the Chinese Journal of Plant Ecology in 2016, 40 (8).

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National Natural Science Foundation of P.R. of China(41571048); Ministry of Science and Technology of P.R. China(2014CB-138803)

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YANG Lili, GONG Jirui*, WANG Yihui, LIU Min, LUO Qinpu, XU Sha, PAN Yan, ZHAI Zhanwei. In Situ Litter Decomposition Dataset in the Temperate Steppe of Inner Mongolia, China (2010-2012)[J/DB/OL]. Digital Journal of Global Change Data Repository, 2017.

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