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Global 10-day Surface Soil Moisture Dataset (RSSSM, 2003-2018)

CHEN Yongzhe1FENG Xiaoming1FU Bojie1
1 Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing 100085,China


Published:Feb. 2021

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Key Words:

global,microwave remote sensing,surface soil moisture,10-day resolution,2003-2018


Global 10-day surface soil moisture dataset (RSSSM, 2003-2018) was developed using a complicated neural network approach integrating 11 global-scale microwave-based surface soil moisture products and 9 main quality impact factors of microwave-based soil moisture retrieval. The spatial resolution of RSSSM is 0.1°, and the temporal resolution is approximately 10 days in 16 years. The dataset is archived in .MDD data format in 16 data files for 16 years (compressed into 4 data files). Because the dataset is the first case published in .MDD data format by the Digital Journal of Global Change Data Repository, the dataset is also published in .tif data format for convenient, 576 data files in .tif data format (compressed into 4 data files). In addition, the data validation file and the information list of 11 references datasets are included in the dataset. The total data size of the dataset is 21.7 GB (compressed into 10 data files with 4.04 GB). The pre-print version of the dataset is openly available at Pangaea, the data paper of the dataset was published at Earth System Science Data (ESSD), and the additional data paper in .MDD data format will published at the Journal of Global Change Data & Discovery.

Foundation Item:

Ministry of Science and Technology of P. R. China (2017YFA0604700); National Natural Science Foundation of China (41722104); Chinese Academy of Sciences (QYZDY-SSW-DQC025)

Data Citation:

CHEN Yongzhe, FENG Xiaoming, FU Bojie. Global 10-day Surface Soil Moisture Dataset (RSSSM, 2003-2018)[J/DB/OL]. Digital Journal of Global Change Data Repository, 2021.


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2 MDD_2007-2010.rar 493008.46KB
3 MDD_2011-2014.rar 495986.24KB
4 MDD_2015-2018.rar 493761.97KB
5 TIF_2003-2006.rar 559061.56KB
6 TIF_2007-2010.rar 568695.35KB
7 TIF_2011-2014.rar 571303.75KB
8 TIF_2015-2018.rar 571321.01KB
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