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Cloud and Precipitation Particle Dataset of the Airborne Optical Array Probe in Taiyuan Observations

HUANG Minsong1LEI Hengchi1CHEN Jiatian1ZHANG XiaoQing1JIN Ling1LI Peiren2
1 Key Laboratory of Cloud-Precipitation Physics and Severe Storms,Institute of Atmospheric Physics,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing 100029,China2 Weather Modification Office of Shanxi Province,Taiyuan 030002,China


Published:Apr. 2017

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Airbone,Cloud Image Probe,Precipitation Image Probe,cloud and precipitation particle,Atmospheric science


During the airborne optical array probes sampling, the cloud particles (droplets or ice crystals) will shatter before entering into the sampling area either by mechanical impaction with the instrument arms or by the interaction with turbulence and wind shear generated by the probe housing, which deviates the measurement result. Therefore, for the true cloud particle information, the shattered fragments should be identified and deleted. The cloud and precipitation particle dataset of the airborne optical array probe in Taiyuan observations is founded from the data of Weather Modification Office of Shanxi Province's Y-12 research plane's 12 flights in Taiyuan area from July to September, 2008. The dataset is developed from the image data of cloud imaging probe (CIP) and precipitation imaging probe (PIP), and composed of 4 flights' CIP data - 20080705, 20080714, 20080717_1 and 20080717_2, and 11 flights' PIP data - 20080705, 20080714, 20080717_2, 20080813, 20080814, 20080816_1, 20080816_2, 20080829, 20080830, 20080909_1, 20080909_2. Each flight data includes the particle index, particle diameter and the particle's inter-arrival time (the inter-arrival time of the first particle is the absolute time of the particle to be measured). The data set is archived in .xlsx format with the compressed data size of 204MB. The analysis paper of the dataset was published in the journal of Atmospheric Science, No.3. Vol.40, 2016.

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National Natural Science Foundation of China (41327803; 41405128)

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HUANG Minsong, LEI Hengchi, CHEN Jiatian, ZHANG XiaoQing, JIN Ling, LI Peiren. Cloud and Precipitation Particle Dataset of the Airborne Optical Array Probe in Taiyuan Observations[J/DB/OL]. Digital Journal of Global Change Data Repository, 2017.

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