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Haba Lake

WANG Yingjing1ZHANG Mingxin1Li Hao2
1 College of Geography and Planning,Ningxia University,Yinchuan 750021,China2 College of Geographical Science and Tourism,Shaanxi Normal University,Xi'an 710062,China


Published:Dec. 2021

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Haba Lake,National Nature Reserve,Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region,Yanchi,data encyclopedia,


Haba Lake, the national important wetland, is located in Wanglejing Township, north central Yanchi County, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. The Haba Lake and its around area was approved to be the Ningxia Haba Lake National Nature Reserve by the State Council of the P. R. of China on February 11, 2006. The geo-location of the reserve is between 37°36 '24"N and 38°1'32" N, 106°53'40"E and 107°39'42"E, which is consisted of the desert steppe and wetland ecosystems. The area of the reserve is 752 km² with a perimeter of 292 km. The Haba Lake is located in the center of the Ningxia Haba Lake National Nature Reserve, south of Huamasi National Forest Park, and near a wild animal domestication park. The Haba Lake is located between 37°42'34"N and 37°42'54"N, 107°2'50"E and 107°4'28"E. The water in the lake has an area of 173,677 m² and perimeter of 4,083 m long. The dataset includes the boundary data of the Haba Lake Nature Reserve and the Haba Lake. The dataset is developed based on Google Earth images in 2018. It is archived in.shp and.kmz data formats and consists of 30 data files with data size of 71.3 KB (Compressed to three data files with 47.9 KB).

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Ningxia Natural Science Foundation (2020AAC03114);

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WANG Yingjing, ZHANG Mingxin, Li Hao. Haba Lake[J/DB/OL]. Digital Journal of Global Change Data Repository, 2021.


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