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Carbon Exchange Dataset of Haloxylon ammodendron Community: From Leaf to Community

LI Shoujuan1,2,3MA Jie1,2TANG Lisong1,2LI Yan1,2LIU Ran1,2
1 Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Urumqi 830011,China2 Fukang Station of Desert Ecology,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Fukang831505,China3 University of Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing 100049,China


Published:May 2018

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Key Words:

carbon exchange,Haloxylon ammodendron community,leaf scale,individual scale,community scale,Arid Zone Research


Haloxylon ammodendron, a constructive species grow in southern part of Gurbantonggut Desert, was chosen as the data collected area, using LI-COR 6400 Portable Photosynthesis system, big assimilation box and eddy covariance system, net photosynthetic rate and respiration rate of Haloxylon ammodendron were obtained from April to September, 2013. Based on the individual biomass and leaf area index (LAI), the biomass in leaf scale to individual scale and individual scale to community scale were calculated. The dataset is consisted of seven tables: (1) Daily meteorological data in the growing season of 2013; (2) Data of canopy area and biomass of assimilating branches, seasonal variation of growth rates of assimilating branches and leaf area index of Haloxylon ammodendron; (3) Daily change of photosynthetic rate of Haloxylon ammodendron in different months; (4) Comparison between CO2 flux of accumulation method and chamber-based measurement in one day from May to September, 2013; (5) Comparison between accumulation method and chamber-based measurement; (6) Comparison between CO2 flux of chamber-based measurement and eddy covariance system of one day from May to September, 2013 and (7) Carbon flux data of the ecosystem derived by Eddy covariance system and chamber-based measurement. The dataset is archived in one file with .xls data format and data size of 93.5 KB. The analysis paper based on the dataset was published at the Journal of Arid Zone Research, Vol. 33, No. 2, 2016.

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National Natural Science Foundation of China (41201041, 41301279, 41171049); Chinese Academy of Sciences (XBBS201204)

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LI Shoujuan, MA Jie, TANG Lisong, LI Yan, LIU Ran. Carbon Exchange Dataset of Haloxylon ammodendron Community: From Leaf to Community[J/DB/OL]. Digital Journal of Global Change Data Repository, 2018.

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