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Dataset of Rubber Plantation‘s Start Defoliation Date in Xishuangbanna Based on MOD09GQ (2003-2019)

CHEN Yanling1,2ZHOU Ruiwu3CHEN Yaoliang*1,2ZHANG Jing1LIU Yaqi1
1 CAS Key Laboratory of Tropical Forest Ecology,Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Mengla 666303,China2 School of Geographical Sciences,Fujian Normal University,Fuzhou 350007,China3 School of Geography and Land Engineering,Yuxi Normal University,Yuxi 653100,China


Published:Dec. 2022

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Key Words:

rubber plantation,defoliation date,phenology,MOD09GQ,2003-2019


The rubber plantation in Xishuangbanna has different phenological phenomena from the local natural forest and other vegetation, that is, the short deciduous period occurs in the dry season. Therefore, monitoring the dynamic change of the rubber plantation phenology is of great theoretical significance for the in-depth understanding of the rubber forest's response to climate change. The dataset of rubber plantation’s defoliation date in Xishuangbanna based on MOD09GQ (2003-2019) was developed based on the time series of daily MOD09GQ. The authors calculated the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) from October of the previous year to May of the current year during 2003-2019, and preprocessed the data integrated with the annual distribution images of rubber forest, then used TIMESAT to extract defoliation phenology of rubber forest. The dataset includes: 1) boundary data of the study area; (2) annual defoliation date of rubber forest from 2003 to 2019. The dataset is archived in .shp and .tif formats, and consists of 25 data files with data size of 89.3 MB (Compressed into one file with 779 KB).

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Key Laboratory of Tropical Forest Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (20-CAS-TFE-01); National Natural Science Foundation of China (41901124)

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CHEN Yanling, ZHOU Ruiwu, CHEN Yaoliang*, ZHANG Jing, LIU Yaqi. Dataset of Rubber Plantation‘s Start Defoliation Date in Xishuangbanna Based on MOD09GQ (2003-2019)[J/DB/OL]. Digital Journal of Global Change Data Repository, 2022.


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