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Outline of the Khanka Lake

CHEN Lijun1LIU Chuang2SHI Ruixiang2
1 National Geomatics Center of China,Beijing100830,China2 Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing100101,China


Published:Jul. 2016

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Khanka,Russia,China,Ramsar wetlands of international importance,Data Encyclopedia


The Khanka Lake (or XingKai Lake) is the biggest lake in the Amur River basin, geo-located between 44°27′8″N - 45°23′57″N, 131°58′52″E - 132°52′56″E. One third area of the lake part belongs to China (Heilongjiang Province) and the two third belongs to Russia (Primorsky Krai). The lake is fed by several rivers, including Bolshiye Usashi River, Komissarovka River, Melgunovka River, Spasovka River. The only one outflow in the northeast of the lake is the Songacha River, it reaches the Ussuri River, and then to the Amur River. The Khanka Lake is consisted of two lakes, the small one in the north is 34.5 km long and 4.5 km wide with the depth of 1-5 m. The big one is 71 km wide and 90 km long with the depth of 10 m. There is a sand-blocking bar between them, which is about 1 km wide and 90 km long. The Khanka Lake is on List of Ramsar wetlands of international importance in 2001. The total area of the lake is 4,364.89 km² and outline is 662.39 km. The dataset is developed based on Google earth images, archived both in .kmz and .shp data format with the data size of 1.55 MB.

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Ministry of Science and Technology of China (2013AA122802, 2015DFA11360); Chinese Academy of Sciences (ZDRW-ZS-2016-6-5)

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CHEN Lijun, LIU Chuang, SHI Ruixiang. Outline of the Khanka Lake[J/DB/OL]. Digital Journal of Global Change Data Repository, 2016.

Chen, L. J., Liu, C., Shi, R. X. Outline data of the Khanka Lake [J]. Journal of Global Change Data & Discovery, 2017, 1(3): 370. DOI: 10.3974/geodp.2017.03.20.

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