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Boundary Data of East Asia Summer Monsoon Geo_Eco_region (EASMBND)

LIU Chuang1SHI Ruixiang1
1 Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research Chinese Academy of Sciences


Published:Jun. 2015

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East Asia,Summer Moonsoon,Geo_Eco_Region,Boundary,Data


East Asia Summer Monsoon Geo_Eco_region (EASM Geo_Eco_region for short), located in eastern of Asia from 54°25′31.79″N to 13°14′34.61″N,and 156°30′49.37″E to 98°52′27.36″E, is a summer monsoon affected region. Most of the region is covered by sub-tropical and temperature, humid and semi-humid broad-leaved forest and needle and broad-leaved mixed forest. The human activities are very active and most metropolises of Asia with long history are located in this region. The region is identified (1) from the SEA region with the index of 16 ℃ of the mean temperature in January; (2) from the ROTW (Roof of the World Geo_eco_region) with the 4000 m above sea level and the 7° in slope; (3) from the Asian Arid and semi-arid geo_eco_region in the northwest with 400 mm precipitation per year; (4) from the Asia-Euro Taiga Forest geo_eco_region in north with the TPW (Total Perceptible Water) >40 mm, distribution line between coniferous and broad-leaved mixed forest and coniferous forest, as well as the local land forms.; (6) in the eastern part, the region covers all of the islands in eastern Asian, including the Kuril Islands, Japan islands, Ryukyu Islands, Northern part of Taiwan Island, and the Northern Mariana Islands. The region covers area of parts of Russia, China and Mongolia, as well as all areas of Japan, North Korea and South Korea. The region is consisted of 13,214 islands, the total area is 5,589,938 km², the coastline, including islands, is 104,224 km long in total. The dataset is archived in .shp (79.3 MB in compressed) and .kmz (25.8 MB) data formats.

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LIU Chuang, SHI Ruixiang. Boundary Data of East Asia Summer Monsoon Geo_Eco_region (EASMBND)[J/DB/OL]. Digital Journal of Global Change Data Repository, 2015.

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