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National Barrier Zone of China

WANG Xiaofeng1,2
1 College of Land Engineering,Chang An University,Xi’an 710064,China2 Key Laboratory of Shaanxi Land Consolidation Project,Xi’an 710064,China


Published:May 2020

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National ecosystem barrier zone,Qinghai-Tibet region,Sichuan Yunnan-Loess Plateau,Northern China,data Encyclopedia


Ecological security is an important part of national security. In order to guarantee the ecological security and promote the social and economic development as well, the "11th Five-Year Plan" of the national development and reform commission of the state council have put forward the concept of national barrier zone, which is constructed by taking the important river system as the skeleton, the national prohibited development area of the dot distribution as the important component, and combining with the ecosystem types of different functions. Based on the concept and framework of the "two barriers and three belts" formulated by the national major function oriented zoning, the spatial dataset on National Barrier Zone of China was developed. The zone is located between 22°26′40″N and 53°33′31″N, 75°30′58″E and 134°22′0″E, including the ecological barrier of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, Sichuan Yunnan-loess plateau ecological barrier, the northern sand belt, the northeastern forest zone and the southern hill and mountain belt. Of which the ecological barrier of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau includes 39 counties, covering an area of 931,511.08 km², and the Sichuan Yunnan-loess plateau ecological barrier includes 163 counties, covering an area of 409,453.53 km², and the northern sand belt includes 97 counties with an area of 869,215.81 km‬², and the northeastern forest zone includes 68 counties, covering an area of 615,989.04 km², and the the southern hill and mountain belt includes 115 counties with an area of 288,704.90 km². After statistic, the total area of the national barrier zone is 3114,4874.36 km², and the total length of the boundary is 45,432.25‬ km. The dataset of national barrier zone in China is based on the integration of Google Earth satellite images and vector map of China's counties. The dataset is archived in .kmz and .shp data format. It is composed of 8 data files with data size of 4.57 MB (compressed to 2 data files with 3.72 MB).

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WANG Xiaofeng. National Barrier Zone of China[J/DB/OL]. Digital Journal of Global Change Data Repository, 2020.

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