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Ngoring Lake

GOU Zhaojun1LIU Fenggui1
1 Department of Geographic Sciences,Qinghai Normal University,Xining 810008,China


Published:May 2018

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Ngoring Lake,Yellow River,Qinghai-Tibet Plateau,data encyclopedia


Ngoring Lake is the source of the Yellow River and the largest freshwater lake in the Qinghai Tibet Plateau. It is located in Maduo County, southeast of Qinghai Province, China. The Ngoring Lake is called Bai Hai, also known as the Eling Lake. The Tibetan pronunciation is called Cuoe Lang, with the meaning of "green blue lake". Its geo-location is between 34°46′03″N and 35°05′21″N, 97°29′21″E and 97°54′21″E. The area of the Ngoring Lake is slightly larger than the Gyaring Lake, and the Ngoring lake is a faulted tectonic basin formed on the Jurassic Marlene, sandstone, and metamorphic rocks on the southern margin of Bayan arnemaqing and the southern edge of East Kunlun - arnemaqing left slip fault in the late Cenozoic Yanshan movement, and overlying the Quaternary early Pleistocene - Holocene lacustrine sedimentary strata. There are 231 islands in the Ngoring lake, most of which are located in the southwest. In the Ngoring Lake, area of the largest island is 0.62 km² with shoreline of 12.04 km long. There are seven islands with area more than 0.1 km². The smallest island is 32 m². The total area of the Ngoring lake is 651.08 km² and the shoreline is 490.73 km, the elevation is 4268.7 m. The dataset is developed based on the Google Earth images (2015) and the referenced maps. The dataset is consisted of 22 data files, archived in both .kmz and .shp data formats with the data size of 23.1 MB (compressed to 7.83 MB in two files).

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GOU Zhaojun, LIU Fenggui. Ngoring Lake[J/DB/OL]. Digital Journal of Global Change Data Repository, 2018.

Gou, Z. J., Liu, F. G. Ngoring Lake, Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, China [J]. Journal of Global Change Data & Discovery, 2019, 3(1): 91–92. DOI: 10.3974/geodp.2019.01.14.

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