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Dry Grade Dataset from 34 Sites in North China (AD 1000-2000)

HAN Jianfu1
1 Hangzhou Dianzi University,Hangzhou 310018,China


Published:Jun. 2020

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historical documents,North China,extreme drought,1000-2000,Journal of Palaeogeography (Chinese Edition)


The study area is North China, which includes monsoon region between Qinling Mountain -Huaihe River and Yin Mountain - Yan Mountain. The area was divided into 34 subareas, and each subarea was named after representative cities. Dry grade dataset of 34 sites in North China (AD 1000-2000) was developed using historical records and dryness and wetness grades method in Yearly Charts of Dryness and Wetness in China for the last 500 years period. The data shows that the extreme drought events show oscillations with a period of 200 a, and there was three high-incidence periods including the middle 15th century, the early 17th century and the late 18th century. In the dataset, 3 indicates normal, 4 indicates drought, 5 indicates extremely drought. The data is yearly based. The dataset is archived in one Excel file (.xls format) with data size of 277 KB. The analysis paper based on the dataset was published at Journal of Palaeogeography (Chinese Edition), Vol.21, No.4, 2019.

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Ministry of Science and Technology of P. R. China (2018YFA0605601); Ministry of Education of P. R. China (16JJD770009); Zhejiang Province (19NDQN303YB)

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HAN Jianfu. Dry Grade Dataset from 34 Sites in North China (AD 1000-2000)[J/DB/OL]. Digital Journal of Global Change Data Repository, 2020.

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