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Dataset of Land Use and Its Ecological Value Assessment in Liuhe District of Nanjing City (2009, 2019)

WANG Bo1LIU Deyan2
1 Nanjing Academy of Urban Planning & Design Co. Ltd,Nanjing 210005,China2 State Key Laboratory of Soil and Sustainable Agriculture,Institute of Soil Science,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Nanjing 210008,China


Published:Aug. 2020

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LuheDistrict,Nanjing,2009,2019,Land use,Ecological value


The Liuhe District is part of Nanjing City of China. The land use data of Liuhe Distrit in 2009 and 2019 was developed based on the Landsat TM images on September 21, 2009 and October 12, 2019. Then the ecological value and its change of various types of ecosystems in Liuhe District were estimated from 2009 to 2019 based on the land survey data and economic and social development data in 2009 and 2019, integrated with the local measurement experience and the actual situation of Liuhe District. The dataset includes spatial data and table data. The spatial data include land use data in 2009 and 2019 with 30m spatial resolution. The table data include statistics data of area and proportion of different land use types in 2009 and 2019; land use dynamic index from 2009 to 2019; natural value of ecosystem services per unit area in 2019 and 2019; ecological value of different types of ecosystem in 2009 and 2019. The dataset is archived in .adf and .xlsx data formats, consists of 36 data files with data size of 2.47 MB (compressed to 931 KB in one file).Browse

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National Natural Science Foundation of China (41977049)

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WANG Bo, LIU Deyan. Dataset of Land Use and Its Ecological Value Assessment in Liuhe District of Nanjing City (2009, 2019)[J/DB/OL]. Digital Journal of Global Change Data Repository, 2020.

WANG Bo,LIU Deyan. Ecological value analysis based on land use change in Liuhe district of Nanjing, China (2009, 2019) [J]. Journal of Global Change Data & Discovery, 2020, 4(2): 170-180. DOI: 10.3974/geodp.2020.02.10.

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