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Tokelau Islands Data

LIU Chuang1SHI Ruixiang1ZHA Fengli1
1 Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources Research,Chinese Academy of Sciences


Published:Dec. 2015

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Tokelau Islands,atoll,geography of the world,data encyclopedia


Tokelau Islands is located in the South Pacific Ocean; it is consisted of three atolls, Atafu, Nukunonu and the Fakaofo. The geographical location of the Atafu atoll is at 8?33′6″S, 172?30′3″W, the area of the Atafu atoll is 10.31 km2. Outside and inner circles of the atoll are 21.38km and 19.45km separately.The geographical location of the Nukunonu atoll is at 9?10′6″S, 71?48′35″W, the area of the Nukunonu atoll is 21.48 km2, it is the biggest atoll among the three of the Tokelau atolls. Its outside and inner circles are 45.10km and 41.30km separately. The geographical location of the Fkaofo atoll is at 9?21′55″S, 171?12′54″W, the area of the Fakaofo atoll is 18.20 km2, the length of the outside circle is 36.61km, and the inner circle is 34.40km. There are pieces of lands above sea level are identified in each of the atolls. There are 44 individual pieces of lands above sea level in the Fakaofo atoll, and 33 in Nukunonu atoll, 32 in Atafu atoll.

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LIU Chuang, SHI Ruixiang, ZHA Fengli. Tokelau Islands Data[J/DB/OL]. Digital Journal of Global Change Data Repository, 2015.

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