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ZHANG Yinghua1WANG Junbo2
1 Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing 100101,China2 Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing 100101,China


Published:Dec. 2019

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Namtso,Saltwater Lake,Qinghai-Tibet Plateau,China,Data Encyclopedia


Namtso is a lake located at the center of the Tibet Autonomous Region, southern of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Its geo-location is between 30°30′10″N and 30°55′46″N, 90°14′36″E and 91°02′54″E. In administrative, its eastern part belongs to the Dangxiong County of Lasha City and the western belongs to Bange County of Naqu Prefecture. Namtso is a structural lake as the large fault depression on the north side of The Cangdisi-Nyainqentanglha range and trends from southwest to northeast. The lake has a surface area of 2006.92 km² and a shoreline of 420.57 km long in 2015. Namtso has several uninhabited islands, in which the largest one located in the northwest of the lake is the Langduo island with area of 1.07 km² and shoreline of 5.28 km. The lake is 4,730 m above sea level. The maximum water depth is 100 m, and the water capacity of the lake is 87 billion m3, which is the largest water capacity in the Tibet Autonomous Region. The dataset is developed based on the Google Earth images in 2015 and related maps. The dataset is archived in both .kmz and .shp data formats, consists of 22 data files with data size of 1.35 MB (compressed to 531 KB in two data files).

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ZHANG Yinghua, WANG Junbo. Namtso[J/DB/OL]. Digital Journal of Global Change Data Repository, 2019.

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