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Global Multiple Scale Shorelines Dataset Based on Google Earth Images (2015)

LIU Chuang1SHI Ruixiang1ZHANG Yinghua1SHEN Yan1MA Junhua1WU Lizong2CHEN Wenbo3,4Tomoko Doko3,4CHEN Lijun5LV Tingting6TAO Zui6ZHU Yunqiang1
1 Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing 100101,China2 China Polar Research Center,Shanghai 200136,China3 Keio Research Institute at SFC,Keio University,Fujisawa 2520882,Japan4 Nature & Science Consulting Co.,Ltd.,Yokohama 2310032,Japan5 National Geomatics Center of China,Beijing 100830,China6 Aerospace Information Research Institute,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing 100101,China


Published:Jun. 2019

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Key Words:

Global Islands,Global Coastlines,Meters resulution,Google Erath Images,2015


Based on the Google Earth Images in 2015 (2014-2016), the Global Multiple Scale Shorelines Dataset in 2015 was developed. The Google Earth Images includes those from DigitalGlobe,CNES/Airbus, some regions from Landsat and Copernicus. The shoreline here means that can be identified in remote sensing images to be sea water (or interactive area between sea and river waters) and land. The highest resolution and the most detail records of the global shorelines dataset is in meters resolution with the minimum area of 6 m². Based on this detail data records, the multiple scales of the data records in 30m, 250m and 1km were also developed according to the standard data abstraction procedures. The dataset is archived in latitude-longitude (no projection given) in both .kmz and .shp data formats. While the .shp format data is compressed for downloading (.raw). Normally, the data can be recognized from the data file name, for example: the file name SA_C_shoreline_m_gg_2015 means the data covers South American _ Continental _ shorelines _ meters resolution _ latitude and longitude _ in 2015. Coordinately, AF for African, OA for Oceania, NA for North American, EU for Europe, AS for Asia and AN for Antarctic. While the data name SA_I_shoreline_m_gg_2015 means the data covers South American _ Islands_ shorelines _ meters resolution _ latitude and longitude _ in 2015. (all data files following)Browse

Foundation Item:

Ministry of Science and Technology of P. R. China (2017YFA0604701); Chinese Academy of Sciences (XDA19090110)

Data Citation:

LIU Chuang, SHI Ruixiang, ZHANG Yinghua, SHEN Yan, MA Junhua, WU Lizong, CHEN Wenbo, Tomoko Doko, CHEN Lijun, LV Tingting, TAO Zui, ZHU Yunqiang. Global Multiple Scale Shorelines Dataset Based on Google Earth Images (2015)[J/DB/OL]. Digital Journal of Global Change Data Repository, 2019.

Liu, C., Shi, R. X., Zhang, Y. H., et al. 2015: How many islands (isles, rocks), how large land areas, and how long of shorelines in the world? —Vector data based on Google Earth images [J]. Journal of Global Change Data & Discovery, 2019, 3(2): 124–148. DOI: 10.3974/geodp.2019.02.03.

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ID Data Name Data Size Operation
1 AF_C_shoreline_m_gg_2015.kmz 52484.02KB
2 AF_C_shoreline_m_gg_2015shp.rar 42320.54KB
3 AF_I_shoreline_m_gg_2015.kmz 65541.20KB
4 AF_I_shoreline_m_gg_2015shp.rar 58012.10KB
5 AS_I1_shoreline_m_gg_2015.kmz 62669.17KB
6 AS_I2_shoreline_m_gg_2015.kmz 72944.57KB
7 AS_I3_shoreline_m_gg_2015.kmz 63828.02KB
8 AS_I_shoreline_m_gg_2015shp.rar 189536.76KB
9 AS_C1_shoreline_m_gg_2015.kmz 33650.93KB
10 AS_C2_shoreline_m_gg_2015.kmz 35826.06KB
11 AS_C_shoreline_m_gg_2015shp.rar 61800.97KB
12 EU_C1_shoreline_m_gg_2015.kmz 55697.35KB
13 EU_C2_shoreline_m_gg_2015.kmz 69929.64KB
14 EU_C_shoreline_m_gg_2015shp.rar 111328.32KB
15 EU_I_shoreline_m_gg_2015shp_1.rar 329426.68KB
16 EU_I_shoreline_m_gg_2015shp_2.rar 367081.21KB
17 EU_I1_shoreline_m_gg_2015.kmz 57378.34KB
18 EU_I2_shoreline_m_gg_2015.kmz 68490.44KB
19 EU_I3_shoreline_m_gg_2015.kmz 73646.54KB
20 EU_I4_shoreline_m_gg_2015.kmz 76284.48KB
21 EU_I5_shoreline_m_gg_2015.kmz 78310.53KB
22 EU_I6_shoreline_m_gg_2015.kmz 61661.17KB
23 NA_C1_shoreline_m_gg_2015.kmz 23306.41KB
24 NA_C2_shoreline_m_gg_2015.kmz 19307.41KB
25 NA_C3_shoreline_m_gg_2015.kmz 19336.74KB
26 NA_C4_shoreline_m_gg_2015.kmz 9090.09KB
27 NA_C5_shoreline_m_gg_2015.kmz 11227.98KB
28 NA_C6_shoreline_m_gg_2015.kmz 40819.29KB
29 NA_C7_shoreline_m_gg_2015.kmz 21900.45KB
30 NA_C8_shoreline_m_gg_2015.kmz 50552.63KB
31 NA_C_shoreline_m_gg_2015shp.rar 177007.20KB
32 NA_I1_shoreline_m_gg_2015.kmz 30187.05KB
33 NA_I2_shoreline_m_gg_2015.kmz 45510.01KB
34 NA_I3_shoreline_m_gg_2015.kmz 66082.19KB
35 NA_I4_shoreline_m_gg_2015.kmz 61984.23KB
36 NA_I5_shoreline_m_gg_2015.kmz 75566.05KB
37 NA_I6_shoreline_m_gg_2015.kmz 61506.05KB
38 NA_I7_shoreline_m_gg_2015.kmz 59178.84KB
39 NA_I8_shoreline_m_gg_2015.kmz 59272.53KB
40 NA_I9_shoreline_m_gg_2015.kmz 44277.98KB
41 NA_IA_shoreline_m_gg_2015.kmz 64537.08KB
42 NA_I_shoreline_m_gg_2015shp_1.rar 263042.14KB
43 NA_I_shoreline_m_gg_2015shp_2.rar 268824.54KB
44 OA_C_shoreline_m_gg_2015.kmz 29346.35KB
45 OA_C_shoreline_m_gg_2015shp.rar 25358.94KB
46 OA_I1_shoreline_m_gg_2015.kmz 60647.04KB
47 OA_I2_shoreline_m_gg_2015.kmz 63839.79KB
48 OA_I_shoreline_m_gg_2015shp.rar 108908.07KB
49 SA_C1_shoreline_m_gg_2015.kmz 34651.02KB
50 SA_C2_shoreline_m_gg_2015.kmz 8528.98KB
51 SA_C3_shoreline_m_gg_2015.kmz 17646.89KB
52 SA_C_shoreline_m_gg_2015shp.rar 51019.03KB
53 SA_I1_shoreline_m_gg_2015.kmz 29008.24KB
54 SA_I2_shoreline_m_gg_2015.kmz 43571.66KB
55 SA_I3_shoreline_m_gg_2015.kmz 24657.42KB
56 SA_I_shoreline_m_gg_2015shp.rar 84903.34KB
57 AN_C_shoreline_m_gg_2015.kmz 3509.56KB
58 AN_C_shoreline_m_gg_2015shp.rar 3068.77KB
59 AN_I_shoreline_m_gg_2015.kmz 30074.21KB
60 AN_I_shoreline_m_gg_2015shp.rar 50986.74KB
61 Global_Shoreline_m_2015.xlsx 36.44KB