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In Situ Vertical Data of Tianchi Lake in Mt. Tianshan, China ( Summer 2014)

WANG Bin1MA Jian1
1 State Key Laboratory of Desert and Oasis Ecology / Fukang Station of Desert Ecology Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Urumqi 830011


Published:May. 2016

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Tianchi Lake,Water temperature,Dissolved Oxygen (DO),Conductivity,Chlorophyll-a,Algae Cell Density,Journal of Lake Science


In order to obtain the characteristics of seasonal stratification of Tianchi Lake of Tianshan Mountains, an alpine deep lakes, continuous monitoring on vertical dynamics of hydrochemical parameters was conducted from June to October 2014. The vertical information from nigh observation places in three groups had been collected in Tianchi Lake. The three groups are the HN group, which is located near the water inlet, the HZ group, which is located in the center of the water and the HB group, which is located near the water outlet. The depth of thermocline started at 0.5m under the water surface and the step is 1m down, till to 20m under the water surface. The dataset is consisted of (1) geolocation GIS data of the 9 in situ places; (2) average vertical data from three groups (HN, HZ and HB) in items of water temperature, conductivity, dissolved oxygen (DO) , pH,chlorophyll-a and algae cell density. The data is archived in .shp and .xlsx format, the data size is 29KB. The preliminary research paper was published at Journal of Lake Science, No. 6, Vol.27, 2015.

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WANG Bin, MA Jian. In Situ Vertical Data of Tianchi Lake in Mt. Tianshan, China ( Summer 2014)[J/DB/OL]. Digital Journal of Global Change Data Repository, 2016.

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