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Anomaly Dataset of PAR, TEM and VPD in the Belt and Road and Surround Region (0.625° resolution, 2015)

LI Jing1LIU Qinhuo1ZHAO Jing1LIN Shangrong1
1 State Key Laboratory of Remote Sensing Science,Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth,Chinese Academy of Sciences


Published:Oct. 2017

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The Belt and Road,Vegetation,PAR,TEM,VPD,0.625° resolution,2015


Light, temperature and humidity are the key factors of vegetation growing and recognized as the driving factors for the vegetation growing. The anomaly of the PAR (Photosynthesis Active Radiation), TEM (Temperature) and VPD (Vapor Pressure Deficit) could be the indicators of the environmental change. Based on the daily MERRA data from 2010-2014 covering the Belt and Road and the surround region, the average PAR, TEM, VPD data were calculated. Comparison the average PAR, TEM and VPD data with that in 2015, the Anomaly Dataset of PAR, TEM, VPD (0.625° resolution, 2015) was developed. The data shows the differences of vegetation responding to the climate change in different regions in 2015. In latitude higher than 50° area influenced by PAR and TEM; Plateau area influenced by TEM mainly; the arid and semi-arid areas are influenced by VPD. The dataset is archived in .tif data format with the compressed data size of 276 KB.

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LI Jing, LIU Qinhuo, ZHAO Jing, LIN Shangrong. Anomaly Dataset of PAR, TEM and VPD in the Belt and Road and Surround Region (0.625° resolution, 2015)[J/DB/OL]. Digital Journal of Global Change Data Repository, 2017.

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