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In situ Data of Mural Paintings in Zhulin Temple, Lingbao, Sanmenxia of China

SU DongLi1
1 Luoyang Ancient Art Museum,luoyang 471000,China


Published:Aug. 2021

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Zhulin Temple,mural,diseases investigation,environmental survey,sampling inspection,repair test


The in situ data of mural paintings in Zhulin Temple, Lingbao, Sanmenxia of China was developed based on the survey of Zhulin Temple's mural paintings and their diseases in May 2020. X-ray diffraction (XRD), confocal Raman spectrometer (Raman), and scanning electron microscopy - energy dispersive spectrometer (SEM-EDS) were used for the detection and analysis of pigments. The field protection and repair experiments were carried out for different diseases. The dataset includes: (1)photos of mural paintings and the CAD figures of mural locations; (2)information on photos of mural painting; (3)area statistics of the mural diseases; (3)pigment test results. The dataset is archived in .jpg, .dwg, .pdf and .xls data formats, and consists of 39 data files with data size of 232 MB (Compressed into one single file with 231 MB).Browse

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SU DongLi. In situ Data of Mural Paintings in Zhulin Temple, Lingbao, Sanmenxia of China[J/DB/OL]. Digital Journal of Global Change Data Repository, 2021.

SU DongLi. A study of the damaged frescoes and restoration in Zhulin Temple in Lingbao [J]. Journal of Global Change Data & Discovery, 2021, 5(4): 501-510.


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