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GIES Case 11 Video on Panshi Large Corylus in Futai Town, Panshi City, Jilin Province of China

Dai Junhu1,2,3YANG Jing4ZHOU Yu1,2FU Jingying1ZHU Mengyao1,2YANG Lihu1,2SONG Hongwei5QIAO Yunbo6CHEN Cunhua6WU Yunming7CHEN Baoli7MU Chao7SONG Yunfeng8ZHAO Jing9HUANG Hongli9ZHU Xiaoguang10LIU Chuang1
1 Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing 100010,China2 University of Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing 100049,China3 China-Pakistan Joint Research Center on Earth Sciences,Islamabad 45320,Pakistan4 College of Earth Sciences and Resources,Chang 'an University,Xi'an 5 Pomology Research Institute,Jilin Academy of Agricultural Sciences,Changchun 136 Agriculture and Rural Bureau of Panshi City,Jilin Province,Panshi 132308,China7 People's Government of Futai Town,Panshi City,Jilin Province,Panshi 132308,China8 Agricultural Machinery Service Station of Futai Town,Panshi City,Jilin Province,Panshi 132308,China9 Fengli Undergrowth cash crop Planting Cooperative of Panshi City,Jilin Province,Panshi 132308,China10 Beijing Tianhang Create Technology Co.,LTD.,Beijing 100085,China


Published:Sep. 2022

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Futai Town,Corylus Heterophylla× C. Avellana,low mountain and hills,GIES,video,Case 11


The Panshi Large Corylus Case on Low Mountain and Hills in Futai Town was listed in the GIES (Geographical Indications Environment and Sustainability) list, which is part of Innovation China program. The video produced by multimedia technologies, shows the physical and socioeconomic environment and fruit product properties of Large Corylus (the 11th GIES case). The planting area is located in the transition zone between the Songnen Plain and the Changbai Mountain, belonging to a mid-temperate humid monsoon climate. The precipitation of the town is abundant, and the quality of the water for the irrigation of the hazelnut plantation is better than that of the national standard on Type II water reserve for urban residents. The primary soil types are gray brown soil, albic soil, and alluvial soil, with weak acidity. The soil quality is better than the screening value of the soil pollution risk of agricultural land. Hazelnuts have a long history as a food source in China, and were recorded in detail on utilization in ancient plant and medicine books in China. Moreover, hazelnut fruits have long been a popular gift in China. The Panshi Large Corylus is an elite distant hybridization breed between native cold-resistant Corylus Heterophylla and introduced high-yield Corylus Avellana, whose cultivars include Dawei (84-254), Yuzhui (84-310), and Liaozhen No.7 (82-11). Hazelnut fruit has high unsaturated fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins, and the anticancer chemical paclitaxel. Among them, every 100 g of hazelnut fruits contains energy of about 2670 kJ and protein of about 21.0 g. The region’s natural environment is suitable for Large Corylus planting and management. Large Corylus trees are all planted in the area of returning farmland to forests, covering an area of 252 hm². The average annual output is 1,300,000 kg, and the annual industrial income of Panshi Large Corylus reaches 60 million yuan. An automatic observation network targeting major habitat variables for Large Corylus has been established, which is real-time on-line monitoring more than 10 environmental parameters, including air quality, temperature, precipitation, etc. The Large Corylus products and environment from the case area can be retrieved by Quick Response Code (QR Code), as well as DOI identifier. The video is archived in .mov and .mp4 formats, and about 4:48 minutes long.

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Dai Junhu, YANG Jing, ZHOU Yu, FU Jingying, ZHU Mengyao, YANG Lihu, SONG Hongwei, QIAO Yunbo, CHEN Cunhua, WU Yunming, CHEN Baoli, MU Chao, SONG Yunfeng, ZHAO Jing, HUANG Hongli, ZHU Xiaoguang, LIU Chuang. GIES Case 11 Video on Panshi Large Corylus in Futai Town, Panshi City, Jilin Province of China[J/DB/OL]. Digital Journal of Global Change Data Repository, 2022.

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