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Dataset of Geographical Indications Environment & Sustainability (GIES) in Fengxian Apple in the Ancient Yellow River (Dashahe)

TAN Minghong1MAO Chengxi2XU Xiuli3GAO Fuyong3MENG Lingsong4WANG Xu5LI Jiayun6CHEN Yanxun7LIANG Hui8TAO Jian9LI Dehai10ZHAI Guangke10LI Chao11LI Yuegang12WU Tonggang13WANG Zhengxing1WANG Sanhong14YAN Ziyan1XU Xiaofan1HAN Jiatong1
1 Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing 100101,China2 Agricultural and Rural Bureau of Fengxian County,Fengxian 221700,Jiangsu,China3 Xuzhou Fruit Tree Research Institute,Fengxian 221700,Jiangsu,China4 Agricultural Technology Extension Center of Fengxian County,Fengxian 221700,Jiangsu,China5 Fengxian County Agro-water Group,Fengxian 221700,Jiangsu,China6 Xuzhou Ningxing Food Co.,Ltd.,Fengxian 221733,Jiangsu,China7 Xuzhou Jiushun Food Co.,Ltd.,Fengxian 221733,Jiangsu,China8 Xuzhou Linjiapuzi Co.,Ltd.,Fengxian 221700,Jiangsu,China9 Xuzhou Andeli Fruit and Vegetable Juice Co.,Ltd.,Fengxian 221700,Jiangsu,China10 Agricultural and Rural Office of Dashahe Town,Fengxian County,Fengxian 221733,Jiangsu,China11 Agricultural and Rural Office of Songlou Town,Fengxian County,Fengxian 221731,Jiangsu,China12 Agricultural and Rural Office of Liangzhai Town,Fengxian County,Fengxian 221741,Jiangsu,China13 Agricultural and Rural Office of Huashan Town,Fengxian County,Fengxian 221744,Jiangsu,China14 Nanjing Agricultural University,Nanjing 210095,China


Published:May 2023

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Jiangsu,Fengxian County,Ancient Yellow River,Apple,geographic environment,Case 16


Fengxian County is located in the northwest of Jiangsu Province, China, with a flat terrain throughout the county. Due to repeated floods from the Yellow River, Fengxian county has extensive areas of fluvo-aquic soil with loose texture and strong air permeability. Apples, belonging to the Rosaceae family, are highly suitable for growing in this area, including the climate of southern warm temperature zone. The dataset of the geographical indications environment & sustainability (GIES) in Fengxian Apple in the Ancient Yellow River (Dashahe) includes: (1) boundary data of the apple case area; (2) physical geographical environment (including climate, hydrology, soil, vegetation, etc.); (3) apple quality characteristics; (4) management policy and culture. The dataset is archived in .xlsx, .shp, .tif, .jpg, .txt and .docx formats, and consists of 59 data files with data size of 63.9 MB (Compressed to one file with 47.8 MB).Browse

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TAN Minghong, MAO Chengxi, XU Xiuli, GAO Fuyong, MENG Lingsong, WANG Xu, LI Jiayun, CHEN Yanxun, LIANG Hui, TAO Jian, LI Dehai, ZHAI Guangke, LI Chao, LI Yuegang, WU Tonggang, WANG Zhengxing, WANG Sanhong, YAN Ziyan, XU Xiaofan, HAN Jiatong. Dataset of Geographical Indications Environment & Sustainability (GIES) in Fengxian Apple in the Ancient Yellow River (Dashahe)[J/DB/OL]. Digital Journal of Global Change Data Repository, 2023.

TAN Minghong, WANG Kun, MAO Chengxi, et al. GIES Case study on Fengxian Apple of the Ancient Yellow River (Dashahe) [J]. Journal of Global Change Data & Discovery, 2023, 7(2): 148-157.


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