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Dataset of Lake Level Changes in the Globe Using Multi-altimeter Data (2002-2016)

LIAO Jingjuan1,2SHEN Guozhuang1ZHAO Yun1,3
1 Key Laboratory of Digital Earth Science,Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing 100094,China2 Key Laboratory of Earth Observation,Hainan Province,Sanya 572029,China3 University of Chinese Academy of Science,Beijing 100049,China


Published:Sep. 2018

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lake level change,globe,multi-altimeter,Geophysical Data Record


Lake levels are important indicators for regional and global environmental changes. The dataset of water level changes of 118 lakes (57 in Asia and Europe Continent, 31 in North America, 14 in Africa, 10 in South America, and 6 in Oceania.) with an area of more than 400 km² from 2002 to 2016 has been developed. The dataset including the lake’s boundary delineation, water level calculation, outlier removal, Gaussian filtering, and elevation system conversion has been developed based on the GDR (Geophysical Data Record) data from ENVISAT/RA-2, Cryosat-2/SIRAL, and Jason-2, and MODIS images. The water level change data of each lake includes the day water level, the water levels of monthly and annual average. The average annual rate of water level change in each lake from 2002 to 2016 was calculated by simple linear regression. The accuracy of water level estimation can reach decimeter to centimeter level, and was verified by the lake gauge data from Qinghai Lake, Poyang Lake and the North Lakes of North America respectively. The dataset was archived in .xlsx and .shp data formats with the data size of 9.92 MB in 125 data files (Compressed to 5.11 MB in one file).

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Ministry of Science and Technology of P. R. China (2016YFB0501501); National Development and Reform Commission (2016-999999-65-01-000696-01)

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LIAO Jingjuan, SHEN Guozhuang, ZHAO Yun. Dataset of Lake Level Changes in the Globe Using Multi-altimeter Data (2002-2016)[J/DB/OL]. Digital Journal of Global Change Data Repository, 2018.

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