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Global Artificial Land Surface Dataset at 30 m Resolution (2010)

CHEN Jun1LIAO Anping1CHEN Lijun1ZHANG Hongwei1HE Chaoying1PENG Shu1WU Hao1ZHANG Weiwei1LI Ran1ZHENG Xinyan1MEI Yang1LU Miao1LU Nan1LIU Jiyu1KANG Rui1XING Huaqiao1ZHU Wu1,2LIU Lifen1,2HAN Gang1,2WANG Jing2YANG Ailing3SUN Limei3SONG Hao3CHEN Weiping4ZHOU Xiaomin4XIA Lu4JIANG Hongbing5HUO Jian5ZHANG Yan5LIU Wudi5LI Yuxian5ZHAI Liang6SANG Huiyong6
1 National Geomatics Center of China2 Geo-Compass Geoinformation Technology Company3 Heilongjiang Geomatics Center of NASG4 The First Institute of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing NASG5 Sichuan Surveying and Mapping Institute of Remote Sensing Information6 Chinese Academy of Surveying and Mapping


Published:December 2014

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Global land cover,artificial land surface,30m resolution,POK method,remote sensing,2010,GEOARC


The Global Artificial Land Surface at 30 meters resolution (GlobeLand30-ATS2010 for short) was developed based on the data mining methodology by integrating and analyzing the 9907 scenes of the USA Landsat TM5, ETM data and 2640 scenes of the China environment disaster mitigation satellite (HJ-1) data in 2010. Since the Artificial Land Surface is mostly a mosaic of, for example, buildings, trees, roads, small-water bodies, and grasslands that are frequently combined, it makes data mining for identifying the artificial land surface more difficult. The Pixel-Object-Knowledge (POK)methodology was applied in this study and data development. The 30m dataset shows where and how many residents there are in cities and villages, as well as industrial lands, airports, and roads worldwide. The total area of the global artificial land surface is 1.1875 million km2, which is 0.88% of the total land surface of the world. The global data were organized into 750 tiles, according to the 5° (latitude) x 6° (longitude) within the region from 60°S to 60°N (674 tiles), and 5° (latitude) x 12° (longitude) within the region from 60°N to 80°N (76 tiles) (the Antarctic continent is not included). The data tiles are combined into 5 compressed data groups (Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and Africa and Oceanic Countries), Four different data files comprise each of these data groups, they are: (1) land-surface water data (raster data with GeoTIFF format); (2) coordinate information data (TIFF WORD format); (3) areas of selected remote sensing data (.shp format); and (4) a metadata file (XML format). In addition, the 750 data file list, including the file names, corresponding geographic coordinates, and zoning codes are listed at the file. The dataset is one of the layers of the Global Land Cover Dataset at 30m Resolution in 2010 (GlobeLand30_2010), which were donated to the United Nations by China in September 2014.Browse

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Ministry of Science and Technology of P. R. China (2013AA122802,2009AA12001,2009AA122003); National Natural Science Foundation of China (41231172)

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CHEN Jun, LIAO Anping, CHEN Lijun, ZHANG Hongwei, HE Chaoying, PENG Shu, WU Hao, ZHANG Weiwei, LI Ran, ZHENG Xinyan, MEI Yang, LU Miao, LU Nan, LIU Jiyu, KANG Rui, XING Huaqiao, ZHU Wu, LIU Lifen, HAN Gang, WANG Jing, YANG Ailing, SUN Limei, SONG Hao, CHEN Weiping, ZHOU Xiaomin, XIA Lu, JIANG Hongbing, HUO Jian, ZHANG Yan, LIU Wudi, LI Yuxian, ZHAI Liang, SANG Huiyong. Global Artificial Land Surface Dataset at 30 m Resolution (2010)[J/DB/OL]. Digital Journal of Global Change Data Repository, 2014.

Chen, J., Liao, A. P., Chen, L. J., et al. Content and composition of global artificial land surface dataset at 30 m resolution (2010) [J]. Journal of Global Change Data & Discovery, 2017, 1(2): 136-148. DOI: 10.3974/ geodp.2017.02.02.

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