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Land Cover for Carbon Budget in Henan Province of China, 2010

WANG Zhengxing1DIAO Huijuan1YU Xinfang1
1 Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources Research,State Key Lab of Resources and Environmental Information System,Beijing 100101



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land cover,classification system,carbon budget,Henan Province,2010


Land Cover for Carbon Budget in Henan Province of China(2010)was originally developed for carbon assessment. Henan Province lies in middle of China. This dataset was developed using 30m Landsat TM/ETM and HJ-CCD and in-situ reference data. The object oriented e-Cognition tools was used for initial classification. It adopted a two-level classification system, with 6 classes in Level One (Forest, Grassland, Wetland, Cropland, Artificial surface, Other land), and 24 classes in Level Two: Evergreen broadleaf forest, Deciduous broadleaf forest , Evergreen needleleaf forest , Mixed forest, Deciduous broadleaf shrublands, Orchard_tree, Green area in city (tree), Green area in city (shrub); Meadow,Grassland_Moist, Grassland_Urban;Wetland_grass, Reservoir and Ponds, River, Canal and Water channel; Cropland_Paddy, Cropland_Rainfed; Residence, Industrial, Transportation, Stope; Sparse tree, Bare rock, Bare soil. The validation was organized by Environmental Protection Department of Henan province. 2567 samples (more than 20 samples for each county) were validated through field visit. The validation showed that classification accuracy was better than 90% in Level One, and above 85% in Level Two. The statistics show that Cropland is the largest class in Level One, it covers 104,296km2 and takes account of 62.96%. Rainfed Cropland is the largest class in Level Two, with an area of 95,240km2 and a share of 57.49%. The dataset is archived in .shp data format with the compressed data size of 87.6MB.

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Ministry of Science and Technology of China (2015DFA11360, 2016YFA0600201); Chinese Academy of Sciences (TSYJS04)

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WANG Zhengxing, DIAO Huijuan, YU Xinfang. Land Cover for Carbon Budget in Henan Province of China, 2010[J/DB/OL]. Digital Journal of Global Change Data Repository, 2016.

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