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Erosion-deposition Dataset of the Taoer River Basin in Northeast China

ZHOU Huan1CHEN Shengbo1XIANG Tiantian2YU Yafeng1CHENG Xue1
1 College of GeoExploration Science and Technology Jilin University2 Changchun School of Architecture


Published:April 2015

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Northeast Plain,TaoerRiver Region,WEPP model,erosion-deposition process,equilibrium point


The Taoer River Basin in Northeast China was divided into 5243 facets using 30m ASTER GDEM. The mean slope degree and slope length were also derived from GDEM in each facet. Together with climatic data from Ulanhaut, land cover data from GlobCover2009 and soil data, five datasets were input to WEPP model, and amount of erosion or deposition was output for each facet. 13 points (facets) were regarded as equilibrium points because there are little or no erosion and deposition in these facets. The line formed by these equilibrium points match well with the boundary extracted by the elevation classification and slope classification in this region. That means the method used in this paper provided a new way to quantitative zoning.Browse

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ZHOU Huan, CHEN Shengbo, XIANG Tiantian, YU Yafeng, CHENG Xue. Erosion-deposition Dataset of the Taoer River Basin in Northeast China[J/DB/OL]. Digital Journal of Global Change Data Repository, 2015.

Zhou, H., Chen, S. B., Xiang, T. T., et al. Erosion-deposition basic dataset of Taoer River region in northeast China [J]. Journal of Global Change Data & Discovery, 2017, 1(1): 109-112. DOI: 10. 3974/geodp.2017.01.16.

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