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1 km/5 day Surface Reflectance Product over China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations for 2013

ZHONG Bo1WU Shanlong1LIU Qinhuo1SHAN Xiaojun1YANG Aixia1PENG Jingjing1
1 The State Key Laboratory of Remote Sensing Science,Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth,Chinese Academy of Sciences


Published:July 2015

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China,Association of Southeast Asian Nations(ASEAN),surface reflectance,data normalization,5-day product,1km,2013


Surface reflectance is an important flux of earth surface for the study of ecosystem and environment changes. Based on the data integration of Terra/MODIS, Aqua/MODIS, FY3A/MERS, FY3B/MERSI and MOD09 data product of 500m/8 day from NASA as well as a series of models of Data normalization, cross radiometric calibration, radiometric normalization, geometric correction and atmospheric correction, the 1 km/5 day Surface Reflectance Product over China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations for 2013 (MuSyQ-REF-1km-2013) was developed. The Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD) verification as an indirect verification method was carried out for the data validation. The results showed that the correlation between the AOD product and that in-situ data from Beijing and Xianghe stations of China is 0.79 and 0.81 separately. The product is archived in 40 adjacent non-overlapping Sinusoidal tiles that are approximately 10°X10° (at the equator), and four bands in each files, including blue, green, red and near infrared bands of surface reflectance. The data format is *.tif which is compressed into 80 .zip files totaling 19.33 GB of the data size.Browse

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ZHONG Bo, WU Shanlong, LIU Qinhuo, SHAN Xiaojun, YANG Aixia, PENG Jingjing. 1 km/5 day Surface Reflectance Product over China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations for 2013[J/DB/OL]. Digital Journal of Global Change Data Repository, 2015.

Zhong, B., Wu, S. L., Liu, Q. H., et al. 1 km/5 day surface reflectance data product over China-ASEAN (2013) [J]. Journal of Global Change Data & Discovery, 2017, 1(3): 290-298. DOI: 10.3974/geodp.2017.03.06.

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14 H25V04_2.rar 257706.22KB
15 H25V05_1.rar 284894.17KB
16 H25V05_2.rar 275190.96KB
17 H25V06_1.rar 278487.38KB
18 H25V06_2.rar 258702.40KB
19 H26V03_1.rar 254063.64KB
20 H26V03_2.rar 261377.54KB
21 H26V04_1.rar 276679.18KB
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23 H26V05_1.rar 264422.58KB
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26 H26V06_2.rar 282976.08KB
27 H26V07_1.rar 185240.47KB
28 H26V07_2.rar 247791.24KB
29 H27V04_1.rar 269185.87KB
30 H27V04_2.rar 281955.45KB
31 H27V05_1.rar 222012.92KB
32 H27V05_2.rar 231243.29KB
33 H27V06_1.rar 241583.24KB
34 H27V06_2.rar 265154.85KB
35 H27V07_1.rar 235230.03KB
36 H27V07_2.rar 270092.67KB
37 H27V08_1.rar 229195.95KB
38 H27V08_2.rar 254088.46KB
39 H27V09_1.rar 232453.73KB
40 H27V09_2.rar 255745.30KB
41 H28V04_1.rar 248292.31KB
42 H28V04_2.rar 270763.01KB
43 H28V05_1.rar 225302.56KB
44 H28V05_2.rar 261621.50KB
45 H28V06_1.rar 230164.23KB
46 H28V06_2.rar 256599.31KB
47 H28V07_1.rar 237181.09KB
48 H28V07_2.rar 264950.88KB
49 H28V08_1.rar 232351.18KB
50 H28V08_2.rar 253182.68KB
51 H28V09_1.rar 243090.64KB
52 H28V09_2.rar 259050.90KB
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54 H29V05_2.rar 269361.10KB
55 H29V06_1.rar 228026.62KB
56 H29V06_2.rar 247874.79KB
57 H29V07_1.rar 228764.98KB
58 H29V07_2.rar 264472.18KB
59 H29V08_1.rar 239473.48KB
60 H29V08_2.rar 262720.98KB
61 H29V09_1.rar 240067.72KB
62 H29V09_2.rar 249335.37KB
63 H29V10_1.rar 223654.21KB
64 H29V10_2.rar 220283.22KB
65 H30V07_1.rar 227194.79KB
66 H30V07_2.rar 259267.17KB
67 H30V08_1.rar 233352.41KB
68 H30V08_2.rar 254721.25KB
69 H30V09_1.rar 235442.50KB
70 H30V09_2.rar 243192.12KB
71 H30V10_1.rar 229331.16KB
72 H30V10_2.rar 232307.94KB
73 H31V08_1.rar 231036.46KB
74 H31V08_2.rar 251930.24KB
75 H31V09_1.rar 249947.07KB
76 H31V09_2.rar 267444.46KB
77 H31V10_1.rar 232992.54KB
78 H31V10_2.rar 236238.79KB
79 H32V09_1.rar 246912.46KB
80 H32V09_2.rar 267041.42KB