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Dataset of Foliar Element Concentrations of Plants from Natural Forests with Different Substrates in Southern China

CUI Peixin1CAO Kunfang*1TIAN Shangqing1FU Peili2BAI Kundong3JIANG Yanjuan2
1 College of Forestry,Guangxi University,Nanning 530004,China2 Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Mengla 666303,China3 Guangxi Institue of Botany,Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and Chinese Academy of Sciences,Guilin 541006,China


Published:Jan. 2021

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tropical karst forest,mangroves,foliar element concentrations


From August to September of 2006, 23 species were collected in Xishuangbanna Green Stone Forest Park (3-5 adult plants per species). In July 2013, 40 species were collected in the tropical karst forest of Nonggang (3-10 adult plants per species). From August to September of 2015, 12 species were collected in mangrove plants in Qinglan Harbor, Hainan (3 adult plants per species). In the rainy season, fresh mature leaves were collected in the upper layer of plants, and the N, P, K, Ca, Mg, Fe, Mn, Zn, Na and several elements else were analyzed. The dataset includes: (1) geo-location data of sample sites; (2) 23 species species names, species Latin names and leaf element concentrations in Xishuangbanna Green Stone Forest Park; (3) the names of 40 species of plants, the Latin names of species and the concentrations of leaf elements in Nonggang National Nature Reserve; (4) the names of 12 species of plants, the Latin names of species and the concentrations of leaf elements in Qinglan Harbor Mangrove Nature Reserve. The dataset is archived in .shp, .kmz and .xlsx data format, and consists of 9 data files with data size of 32.9 KB (compressed to one single file with 26.2 KB). The analysis paper based on the dataset was published at Acta ecologica sinica, Vol. 40, No. 24, 2020.Browse

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National Natural Science Foundation of China (31670406); Guangxi (GuiAB16380254, C33600992001)

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CUI Peixin, CAO Kunfang*, TIAN Shangqing, FU Peili, BAI Kundong, JIANG Yanjuan. Dataset of Foliar Element Concentrations of Plants from Natural Forests with Different Substrates in Southern China[J/DB/OL]. Digital Journal of Global Change Data Repository, 2021.

CUI Peixin,CAO Kunfang,TIAN Shangqing, et al. Dataset of foliar element concentrations of plants from natural forests with different substrates in southern China [J]. Journal of Global Change Data & Discovery, 2021, 5(2): 156-161.


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