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Collection of Knowledge on Arable Land Resources Protection

ZHANG Chunju1BO Jiachen1LUO Chenchen1ZHAO Wanyue2LI Jinchao2
1 School of Civil and Hydraulic Engineering,Hefei University of Technology,Hefei 230009,China2 Key Laboratory of Jianghuai Arable Land Resources Protection and Ecological Restoration,Hefei 230036,China


Published:Apr. 2024

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farmland resource conservation,farmland research,OWL,knowledge compilation


This knowledge collection established a framework for arable land knowledge system, comprehensively and systematically reviewing key aspects such as farmland attributes and grades, farmland cultivation, farmland pollution and protection, farmland ownership and policies, and national farmland zoning. In terms of farmland attributes and grades, multiple factors were considered, including environmental, physical, chemical, and biological attributes, encompassing elements such as terrain, climate, hydrological conditions, and social environment, thus constructing a system of farmland grades and indicators. Regarding farmland cultivation, it integrated factors such as cultivation methods, cultivation capacity, and farmland yield, covering issues such as farmland pollution, obstacles, and protection. This knowledge set provides an important theoretical foundation and reference for the management and protection of China's farmland resources, which is crucial for achieving sustainable utilization and protection of farmland. The knowledge collection was created using Protege software with OWL language. The dataset contains 372 farmland concept factors, 442 hierarchical relationships, and is archived in .ttl format with data size of 146 KB in two files (Compressed into one file with 13 KB).

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Key Laboratory of Farmland Resource Conservation and Ecological Restoration in the Jianghuai Region, Ministry of Natural Resources (2022-ARPE-KFO4); National Natural Science Foundation of China (42171453)

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ZHANG Chunju, BO Jiachen, LUO Chenchen, ZHAO Wanyue, LI Jinchao. Collection of Knowledge on Arable Land Resources Protection[J/DB/OL]. Digital Journal of Global Change Data Repository, 2024.


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