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Aleurites Montana Fine Root Dataset in Xidong Forestry Farm of Fujian Province, China

CHAO Lin1LIN Han1WU Chengzhen1,2LIU Yanyan1JIA Lanxia1HONG Tao1XIE Anqiang1CHEN Jiangzhong3Hong Wei1
1 College of Forestry,Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University,Fuzhou 350002,China2 College of Ecology Resources Engineering,Wuyi University,Wuyishan 354300,China3 Foresty Bureau of Jianyang City,Jiangyang,Fujian 354200,China


Published:May. 2016

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Aleurites montana,fine root,biomass,root tissue N,root tissue C,Xingdong Forestry farm,Fujian Province,Mountain Research


Aleurites montana, the major trees in Xidong forestry farm of Fujian Province, China is widely used for economics, such as industry, agriculture and medicines. In order to monitor the Aleurites montana, we measured its root morphology, biomass, carbon and nitrogen concentration of the first five orders roots. The dataset include five files: (1) the data of the root tips, accumulative root length , surface area of root, volume and root diameter; (2) the data along with the fine root ascending from the first to fifth order, changes in root diameter, specific root length , root surface area , tissue density;(3) the data of fine root biomass from the first to fifth fine root order;(4) the data of fine root tissue N concentration, C concentration and C/N ratio; and (5) the data of correlations of C/N ratio of fine roots with root tissue N and root tissue C in Aleurites montana. The data is archived in .xlsx format, data size is 16KB. The research paper on these data was published at the journal of Mountain Research, No.1, Vo.33, 2015.

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CHAO Lin, LIN Han, WU Chengzhen, LIU Yanyan, JIA Lanxia, HONG Tao, XIE Anqiang, CHEN Jiangzhong, Hong Wei. Aleurites Montana Fine Root Dataset in Xidong Forestry Farm of Fujian Province, China[J/DB/OL]. Digital Journal of Global Change Data Repository, 2016.

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