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Golmud Plot Dataset of δD and δ18O in Water for the Desert Plants 2010

ZHU Jianjia1CHEN Hui1XING Xing1CHEN Tongtong1
1 College of Resources and Environment Sciences,Hebei Normal University,Hebei Key Laboratory of Environmental Change and Ecological Construction,Shijiazhuang 050024,China


Published:May. 2016

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δ18O and δD,water sources,desert plant,Qaidam Basin,Golmud Plot,Geographical Research


In order to study the water sources for the desert plants in Qaidam Basin, the extremely dry land in Asia, the Golmud Plot, geo-located at 95°5'28〞E, 36°20'46〞N, was selected to the sample point to collect the data. The data collection is lasting for four months from June to September 2010, and the mid and end days of each months as the date to collect the data. The items of the data collection include plants (Calligonum arborescens Litv., Sympegma regelii Bunge, Ceratoideslatens (J.F.Gmel.) Revealet Holmgren, Herbal Ephedrae ), soil(0~10cm, 10~30cm, 30~50cm, 50~70cm), river and groundwater, rainfall and snowfall samples. A total of 315 samples were collected. Hydrogen and oxygen isotope ratios (δD and δ18O) for all of the samples were analyzed by a Liquid-Water Isotope Analyzer (Picarro L2130-i). The dataset includes (1) the location of the Golmud Plot (.shp); (2) δ18O and δD in river, groundwater, precipitation and water extracted from plant stems and soil (.xlsx). The compressed data size is 17 KB. The preliminary research paper was published in Geographical Research in 2016, 34(2).

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ZHU Jianjia, CHEN Hui, XING Xing, CHEN Tongtong. Golmud Plot Dataset of δD and δ18O in Water for the Desert Plants 2010[J/DB/OL]. Digital Journal of Global Change Data Repository, 2016.

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