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Experimental Dataset of UAV Grazing Livestock in Hulunbuir of China

ZHANG Zhiyu1,2WANG Dongliang*1
1 Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing 100101,China2 Geoscience Institute,Yangtze University,Wuhan 430100,China


Published:Mar. 2022

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UAV,Grazing livestock experiment,Hulunbuir,Hadatu Ranch


From August 15, 2020 to August 31, 2020, the authors conducted 24 UAV herding experiments on cattle, sheep, and donkey at Hadatu Ranch in Hulunbuir of China. The experimental process was recorded from the aerial UAV view and the ground mobile phone view, respectively, to obtain the experimental dataset of UAV grazing livestock in Hulunbuir of China. The dataset includes: (1) geolocation data of the experiments; (2) the experimental data recorded from the ground mobile phone; (3) the experimental data recorded from aerial UAV view. The dataset is archived in .shp, .mp4 and .mov data formats, and consists of 47 data files with data size of 7.49 GB (Compressed to 14 files with 7.48 GB).Browse

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Ministry of Science and Technology of P. R. China (2021YFD1300501, 2021xjkk1402); Chinese Academy of Sciences (XDA26010201); National Natural Science Foundation of China (41501416)

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ZHANG Zhiyu, WANG Dongliang*. Experimental Dataset of UAV Grazing Livestock in Hulunbuir of China[J/DB/OL]. Digital Journal of Global Change Data Repository, 2022.

ZHANG Zhiyu, WANG Dongliang. UAV grazing research [J]. Journal of Global Change Data & Discovery, 2022, 6(3): 487–500.


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1 GroundView_UAV_cattle_herding.rar 458290.64KB
2 GroundView_UAV_sheep_herding.rar 723519.47KB
3 UAVview_UAV_cattle_herding_1.rar 657137.13KB
4 UAVview_UAV_cattle_herding_2.rar 783265.85KB
5 UAVview_UAV_cattle_herding_3.rar 714815.72KB
6 UAVview_UAV_donkey_herding.rar 151096.47KB
7 UAVview_UAV_sheep_herding_1.rar 598275.97KB
8 UAVview_UAV_sheep_herding_2.rar 628971.53KB
9 UAVview_UAV_sheep_herding_3.rar 699823.04KB
10 UAVview_UAV_sheep_herding_4.rar 510505.64KB
11 UAVview_UAV_sheep_herding_5.rar 843472.06KB
12 UAVview_UAV_sheep_herding_6.rar 499754.58KB
13 UAVview_UAV_sheep_herding_7.rar 580234.17KB
14 _LocationsExperiments.rar 1.80KB