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3-D Density Distribution Dataset of the Crust and the Upper Mantle Beneath Northeast China

SUO Kui1,2ZHANG Guibin2JIANG Guoming2XU Yao2
1 School of Resources and Environment,North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power,Zhengzhou 450045,China2 School of Geophysics and Information Technology,China University of Geosciences,Beijing 100083,China



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gravity data,density distribution,3D,Northeast China,Chinese Journal of Geophysics


The 3-D density distribution has great importance in dividing the tectonic units, the geodynamics and the tectonic evolution. We obtain a three-dimensional (3-D) density structure whose resolution is 0.5°x0.5° in the crust and the upper-mantle beneath Northeast China through a joint inversion of gravity data that is on a grid 5’x5’ and 12429 P-wave travel time data based on the velocity-density equation. Our inversion analysis shows that the residual density anomalies in the crust and the upper-mantle correlate with the tectonics quite well. The dataset has the gravity iterative inversion error convergence data in a table; density perturbations data at different depths (10km,30km,60km,100km,150km,200km,300km,400km,500km ) in a table; and position data of five density profiles in a table and .shp file. The data was archived in .xlsx and .shp formats with the compressed data size of 130 KB. The analysis paper was published at the Chinese Journal of Geophysics, No. 7, Vol.58, 2015.

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Ministry of Science and Technology of China (2011AA060501); Ministry of National Land Management of China (SinoProbe-02-05)

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SUO Kui, ZHANG Guibin, JIANG Guoming, XU Yao. 3-D Density Distribution Dataset of the Crust and the Upper Mantle Beneath Northeast China[J/DB/OL]. Digital Journal of Global Change Data Repository, 2016.

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