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Reanalysis Dataset of MODIS-NDVI in Southeast Asia, 2010

WANG Zhengxing1CAO Yunfeng1
1 Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources Research,State Key Lab of Resources and Environmental Information System,Beijing100101


Published:Jun. 2016

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MODIS-NDVI,time serial,data quality,reanalysis,Southeast Asia


MODIS-NDVI is one of the most widely used parameters for global change research, but the noises resulted from various factors have gravely impaired its credibility. This is especially true in cloudy Southeast Asia. This reanalysis dataset ameliorate the noise problem in two steps. First, two 16-day NDVI serials (Terra-MODIS and Terra-MODIS) were combined into 8-day serials according to actual DOY (Day of the Year, 2010) and QA (Quality Assessment). Second, newly formed 8-day NDVI serials were reanalyzed using S-G algorithm in Timesat package. By using QA as weight factor, good quality data were reserved, and poor data were rebuilt. Visual inspection showed that peckles from residual cloud were greatly removed, and spatial patterns became more informative. The dataset are delivered in two forms: 8-day/250m and Monthly/250m. The dataset is archived in the .tif data formats with the total compressed data size of 9.77GB.Browse

Foundation Item:

Chinese Academy of Sciences (KZZD-EW-08-01-02-01); Ministry of Science and Technology, P. R. China (2015DFA11360)

Data Citation:

WANG Zhengxing, CAO Yunfeng. Reanalysis Dataset of MODIS-NDVI in Southeast Asia, 2010[J/DB/OL]. Digital Journal of Global Change Data Repository, 2016.

Wang, Z. X., Cao, Y. F. Reanalysis dataset on MODIS-NDVI in Southeast Asia, 2010 [J]. Journal of Global Change Data & Discovery, 2017, 1(3): 317-323. DOI: 10.3974/geodp.2017.03.10.

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1 10_SEA_Rea_MODIS-NDVI_2010_OCT.rar 174397.40KB
2 11_SEA_Rea_MODIS-NDVI_2010_NOV.rar 175371.10KB
3 12_SEA_Rea_MODIS-NDVI_2010_DEC.rar 175905.04KB
4 1_SEA_Rea_MODIS-NDVI_2010_JAN.rar 176096.10KB
5 2_SEA_Rea_MODIS-NDVI_2010_FEB.rar 175212.03KB
6 3_SEA_Rea_MODIS-NDVI_2010_MAR.rar 175327.30KB
7 4_SEA_Rea_MODIS-NDVI_2010_APR.rar 175900.24KB
8 5_SEA_Rea_MODIS-NDVI_2010_MAY.rar 176199.49KB
9 6_SEA_Rea_MODIS-NDVI_2010_JUN.rar 178383.50KB
10 7_SEA_Rea_MODIS-NDVI_2010_JUL.rar 179857.91KB
11 8_SEA_Rea_MODIS-NDVI_2010_AUG.rar 178859.01KB
12 9_SEA_Rea_MODIS-NDVI_2010_SEP.rar 177037.20KB
13 SEA_Rea_MODIS-NDVI_2010-001.rar 176967.56KB
14 SEA_Rea_MODIS-NDVI_2010-009.rar 176989.77KB
15 SEA_Rea_MODIS-NDVI_2010-017.rar 176020.70KB
16 SEA_Rea_MODIS-NDVI_2010-025.rar 175513.47KB
17 SEA_Rea_MODIS-NDVI_2010-033.rar 175098.94KB
18 SEA_Rea_MODIS-NDVI_2010-041.rar 175137.40KB
19 SEA_Rea_MODIS-NDVI_2010-049.rar 175010.29KB
20 SEA_Rea_MODIS-NDVI_2010-057.rar 175040.92KB
21 SEA_Rea_MODIS-NDVI_2010-065.rar 175189.89KB
22 SEA_Rea_MODIS-NDVI_2010-073.rar 175419.63KB
23 SEA_Rea_MODIS-NDVI_2010-081.rar 175610.37KB
24 SEA_Rea_MODIS-NDVI_2010-089.rar 175757.41KB
25 SEA_Rea_MODIS-NDVI_2010-097.rar 175830.47KB
26 SEA_Rea_MODIS-NDVI_2010-105.rar 176116.94KB
27 SEA_Rea_MODIS-NDVI_2010-113.rar 176405.35KB
28 SEA_Rea_MODIS-NDVI_2010-121.rar 176668.54KB
29 SEA_Rea_MODIS-NDVI_2010-129.rar 176672.63KB
30 SEA_Rea_MODIS-NDVI_2010-137.rar 176617.79KB
31 SEA_Rea_MODIS-NDVI_2010-145.rar 176758.38KB
32 SEA_Rea_MODIS-NDVI_2010-153.rar 178245.56KB
33 SEA_Rea_MODIS-NDVI_2010-161.rar 179343.16KB
34 SEA_Rea_MODIS-NDVI_2010-169.rar 179752.97KB
35 SEA_Rea_MODIS-NDVI_2010-177.rar 179495.96KB
36 SEA_Rea_MODIS-NDVI_2010-185.rar 179419.49KB
37 SEA_Rea_MODIS-NDVI_2010-193.rar 180214.66KB
38 SEA_Rea_MODIS-NDVI_2010-201.rar 180736.62KB
39 SEA_Rea_MODIS-NDVI_2010-209.rar 180454.42KB
40 SEA_Rea_MODIS-NDVI_2010-217.rar 179693.48KB
41 SEA_Rea_MODIS-NDVI_2010-225.rar 179117.06KB
42 SEA_Rea_MODIS-NDVI_2010-233.rar 178720.78KB
43 SEA_Rea_MODIS-NDVI_2010-241.rar 178210.19KB
44 SEA_Rea_MODIS-NDVI_2010-249.rar 177686.87KB
45 SEA_Rea_MODIS-NDVI_2010-257.rar 177237.44KB
46 SEA_Rea_MODIS-NDVI_2010-265.rar 176841.12KB
47 SEA_Rea_MODIS-NDVI_2010-273.rar 176198.74KB
48 SEA_Rea_MODIS-NDVI_2010-281.rar 175003.33KB
49 SEA_Rea_MODIS-NDVI_2010-289.rar 174313.30KB
50 SEA_Rea_MODIS-NDVI_2010-297.rar 174543.72KB
51 SEA_Rea_MODIS-NDVI_2010-305.rar 175081.09KB
52 SEA_Rea_MODIS-NDVI_2010-313.rar 175607.18KB
53 SEA_Rea_MODIS-NDVI_2010-321.rar 175824.29KB
54 SEA_Rea_MODIS-NDVI_2010-329.rar 176116.84KB
55 SEA_Rea_MODIS-NDVI_2010-337.rar 176065.76KB
56 SEA_Rea_MODIS-NDVI_2010-345.rar 175925.25KB
57 SEA_Rea_MODIS-NDVI_2010-353.rar 176782.02KB
58 SEA_Rea_MODIS-NDVI_2010-361.rar 176590.19KB