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Phenotypic Trait and Diversity Dataset of Caryopteris mongholica from 40 Provenances

YU Xiao1MA Ruxuan1JI Ruoxuan1XIA Xinli1YIN Weilun1LIU Chao*1
1 State Key Laboratory of Tree Genetics and Breeding,National Engineering Research Center for Tree Breeding and Ecological Restoration,College of Biological Sciences and Technology,Beijing Forestry University,Beijing 100083,China


Published:Nov. 2023

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Caryopteris mongholica,phenotypic trait,phenotypic diversity


In order to clarify the phenotypic diversity of wild germplasm resources of Caryopteris mongholica and its relationship with environmental factors, a survey on 40 natural populations of C. mongholica from Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Ningxia and Gansu was conducted from July to August during 2018-2021. The diversity, clustering and principal component analysis were conducted on 5 growth traits and 11 leaf traits to obtain the phenotypic trait and diversity dataset of Caryopteris mongholica from 40 provenances. The result shows that C. mongholica germplasm resources have rich phenotypic variation and high level of diversity, and the phenotypes are closely related to environmental factors. The dataset includes: (1) geolocation data of differernt C. mongholica provenances; (2) plant and leaf type diagrams of C. mongholica; and (3) phenotypic trait, diversity and cluster analysis data of C. mongholica. The dataset is archived in .shp, .xls, .jpg and .doc formats, and consists of 19 data files with data size of 79.1 MB (Compressed into 78.2 MB). The analysis paper based on the dataset was published at Journal of Arid Land Resources and Environment, Vol. 37, No. 9, 2023.

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National Natural Science Foundation of China (32071734, 31770649, 31600484)

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YU Xiao, MA Ruxuan, JI Ruoxuan, XIA Xinli, YIN Weilun, LIU Chao*. Phenotypic Trait and Diversity Dataset of Caryopteris mongholica from 40 Provenances[J/DB/OL]. Digital Journal of Global Change Data Repository, 2023.


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