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Landscape Visual Perception Location Dataset of Great Wall in Gubeikou

LI Zhaohang1 LI Renjie*1,2,2 SUN Baolei1 LI Jiahui1
1 College of Geographical Sciences,Hebei Normal University,Shijiazhuang 050024,China2 GeoComputation and Planning Center of Hebei Normal University,Shijiazhuang 050024,China


Published:Apr. 2024

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Key Words:

visual perception location,landscape semantic feature points,the Great Wall,NetCDF


The Great Wall is an important visual landscape resource with multiple meanings such as history, culture and morphological aesthetics. Visual perception calculation and analysis is an important path to explore the value of the landscape resources of the Great Wall, and present and explain the multi-dimensional significance of the Great Wall. By designing the semantic feature point extraction and coding rules of the Great Wall landscape system, the landscape semantic feature points were generated based on the resource ontology and ALOS 12.5 m DEM data in the Gubeikou Great area, and the visual field grid was obtained by analyzing each feature point. Based on landscape visual perception location model (LVPLM), NetCDF multidimensional data format was selected to establish landscape visual perception location dataset of the Great Wall in Gubeikou. The dataset includes three parts: (1) manual point selection data subset; (2) programmed automatic point selection data subset, (3) validation data. The (1) and (2) include: (a) the Great Wall ontology features and semantic feature points’ data in the Gubeikou area; (b) landscape visual perception location data of the Great Wall in the Gubeikou. The dataset is archived in .shp and .nc data formats, and consists of 64 data files with data size of 6.58 GB (Compressed into one file with 63.8 MB).

Foundation Item:

Natural Science Foundation of Hebei Province (D2023205011); National Natural Science Foundation of China (41471127)

Data Citation:

LI Zhaohang, LI Renjie*, SUN Baolei, LI Jiahui. Landscape Visual Perception Location Dataset of Great Wall in Gubeikou[J/DB/OL]. Digital Journal of Global Change Data Repository, 2024.


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